General Zod Coming to ‘Injustice’


Creative director of NetherRealm Studios, Ed Boon, has revealed via twitter that General Zod will be the next DLC character for Injustice: Gods Among Us.  No official release date has been announced but NetherRealm has been consistent and speedy with their DLC characters thus far.  Batgirl and Lobo were both released in May, and Scorpion’s early June release suggests that Zod will be playable this month.  General Zod is the focus villain in the summer blockbuster, Man of Steel, which releases on June 14th.  Wouldn’t it be fitting for Zod to join the ranks of the Injustice roster during the first week of the film’s release?  The gameplay trailer will be available next week.

Boon has also been teasing future DLC through his tweets.  With Zod being the 4th and final DLC character available through the DLC Season Pass, perhaps a ‘season 2’ is in order?  What do you guys think?

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  • Jcutuli

    It’s nice to see a non “Batman” type character for DLC. I myself would like to see different characters, either way it doesn’t effect me as i only play as Hawkgirl online anyway. Thanks for the information.

    • zero2815

      Hey we should play online I’d like to test my shazam on some besides joker and the ice girl. Those are the only ones people pick.

      • Jcutuli

        I would be down with that, you can add me if you want PSN: Jcutuli. I currently do not have a working mic atm though.