Video Review: Battlefield 3: End Game (DLC)


Title: End Game
DLC For: Battlefield 3
Format: PlayStation Network Download DLC (1.8 GB)
Release Date: March 5, 2013
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: DICE
Price: $14.99 (Free with Battlefield 3 Premium)
ESRB Rating: M
End Game DLC is also available on Xbox Live Arcade and PC.
The PlayStation Network version was used for this review.

Review of the Original Game:

Written by Vinny McNab

Vinny McNab

Been playing on a Playstation since 1995. Dayz fanatic both mod and standalone. One of the co-host of the PSNation Sideshow.

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  • Very good review! I look forward to doing some bmx tricks while shooting the enemy!

  • Horrible Review. If you’re going to read off a paper(script) at least try to sound like you’re not.. your ‘jokes’ (puns) sound horrible because they sound monotone (along with the rest of the speech) – and the long pauses were annoying, and you lack complete emotion…

    • Biddaman

      I know, I’m working on it I totally agree with you. I make Ben Stein sound like the Slim Jim guy. The long pauses were me still kinda learning the editing software. In time I will get better.

  • Out of all the DLC for this game, I have only played a few games of this. This is because the people I use to play Battlefield 3 with no longer play it. :-[ But nice review Biddaman.