Sony finally ends PlayStation 2 production

PS2 Hardware

The best-selling games console of all time, the Sony PlayStation 2, has had its worldwide production halted. After Japanese manufacturing ceased last week, The Guardian are now reporting the news affects all regions.

Following it’s launch back in 2000, an astonishing 155 million units were sold whilst the console completely redefined the gaming landscape. You’d be hard pressed to find any gamer, casual or hardcore, who didn’t own the system at some point. With a diverse and quality library of games, combined with the momentum gained from the original PlayStation and an accessible price-point during the majority of its lifespan, the PS2 became an unstoppable force. As well as cementing Sony‘s stature in the games industry, the PS2 also helped push the DVD format to a wider audience, propelling both that disc type and itself to unparalleled heights.

I’m certain all of you will have fond memories from some classic titles on the PS2, so be sure to post them below. We’d also love to know whether anyone thinks the incredible sales figures will ever be matched by another home console.



PlayStation 2, we salute you.


Written by Raj Mahil

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  • Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3. It didn’t get any better than that.

  • Justin_Cribbes

    The original ssx is my fondest memory, first game i played. Considering I was only 4 when I got the original PS2 back in 2000. Played that game so much. Also ssx 3 the ratchet and clank series, Sly cooper series. I also remember watching my dad play the original Killzone aswell.

  • macho555

    So its finally happened…I remember saving up all my money for months so I could finally buy a PS2 from, complete with overnight shipping, GTA: Vice City, and Tekken Tag. Ah memories.

  • It took the death of my ps2 to move to ps3. It is amazing how long the ps2 beast was in production and how long games kept coming out for it.

  • Yep, just saw this on The Verge. It is indeed an end of an era. How lets see Sony port some of the best games from the PS2 onto the PS3 for those that don’t have a PS2.

  • dakota

    along with the MGS series i would have to say ace combat 5 was one of the greatest stories to come out on the ps2