PlayStation 3 Sales Reach 70 Million Units Worldwide

Today SCE (Sony Computer Entertainment) announced that the PlayStation 3 has sold over 70 million units worldwide as of November 4th 2012 since it’s launch in 2006. SCE also announced that the PlayStation Move has sold over 15 million units as of November 11th 2012. So far those are pretty awesome numbers and I can still remember the launch day when I picked up my PlayStation 3, one day that I will cherish because of the memories this system has brought me along with the friends I have met. ┬áTell us about your favorite PlayStation 3 memories or moments!

Written by Edward Pol

Just another Sony fan boy. I play pretty much anything and I also run the PsNation Zen Pinball League.

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  • GhostPhoenix

    Nice to see the system’s success. Got my first PS3 used 6 months after launch. Had to replace it with a slim a little over a year ago. Just for comparison sake, I’m on my 9th Xbox since launch. Not trying to start anything–just sayin’.

    PS3 has been my platform of choice this gen. Not a huge multiplayer guy but I’ve met some cool folks on PSN; mostly through fighting games. Congrats on a fine product, and continued success Sony.

  • gabriel

    It was a rocky start. After massive justification arguments with my wife Bought myself 60gig the christmas after launch for 600$. 2 yrs of free online play easily made up the price diff between the other console. Ive never looked back. Sony has treated me right with free games after the hacking incident and now as an early vita adopter sony has come through again by rewarding us with playstation plus for it. All I can say after all these years is bring on the playstation 4. If its about the games, quality of software and treating their consumers right then sony has won this generation hands down