Episode 288 – Sleeping Beauty

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  • Damon Bullis

    Any way we can get some dimensions for the train seats? That way we could get an idea of the shipping cost before we throw our name into the hat.

    • http://psnation.org Glenn Percival

      I can check

    • http://psnation.org Glenn Percival

      Approximate dimensions are on the main EL page

  • http://twitter.com/Theeze83 Theo Kouroumlis

    Good show as always. The NHL13 review was spot on, The AI since NHL11 has been garbage, I stopped playing online with 13 because no matter how many great plays you make you’ll wind up with a garbage goal against you.

    Commentating has gotten stale…I believe it is generational as the PS2 version had the same commentators the whole series through that gen (Jim Hughson and Craig Simpson). NHL13 is still better than NHL11 and 12 but in my opinion 10 was the best one yet. Unless the NHL2k series comes back in the fold, EA will be lazy as they won’t have any incentive to make any real changes.