First Impressions Video – Sony Pulse Wireless Headset

Here’s a quick video with some of my impressions of the new Pulse Wireless Headset for the PS3 (and as you’ll see, it works with anything that has a standard headphone jack too!)

The Pulse Wireless Headset is released the week of September 25th, 2012 for a retail price of $149.99. Look for the full review later this week.

Written by Glenn Percival

Glenn Percival

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  • My question is, do they actually sound like 7.1 or surround sound at all? Sony claimed their previous headsets were 7.1 Stereo, yet they just sounded stereo to me. Nothing that gave me a surround sound impression.

    • Yeah, I get a really good surround effect from these, better than my Tritton AX Pro’s honestly.

      • Thanks. I may just have to pick up a pair than.

  • Nice man I might have to pick up a set.

  • Chris

    You mentioned there is no sidetone. Did you check to make sure it was turned on in the settings? Settings -> Accessory Settings -> Audio Device Settings -> Input Device

    Press Triangle and check to see if it is on. They added it via firmware a while back for the old wireless headset.

    • Ahhh, I know what you’re talking about. Let me check.

    • Nope, just Echo Canceler

      • Chris

        ah ok. Hopefully it is something they add later

  • NickNavarre

    I’m pretty sure you won’t be able to, but is there any way that you can use the headphone cable for something else, say Skype, while using the USB dongle? That’s the only thing that stops me from using the last model of these as much.

    • You can’t use the microphone on the headset unless you’re using the USB dongle. With teh headphone cable, you only get audio, no mic use.

      • NickNavarre

        Well, that doesn’t bother me, because I can just use another mic, but I was just wondering about the sound going in the headphones and if I can use both at the same time.

        • Ah, no, when you plug the 3.5mm cable in, it overrides the audio to and from the USB dongle.

  • Hi Glenn, thxs for the video, very informative. Just a quick question though, is it possible to use the headset while its charging?

    • NickNavarre

      You should be able to, since the last one you could do that with.

    • Yes, but you’ll need a long USB Cable.

      • etur0

        will the 10ft one that I bought for my ps3 controller work

  • etur0

    you need to do more videos they are allot better than reading

  • tony

    Hey glenn i had the old headset and wasnt very happy that i couldnt hear the enemies footsteps if they were on the side or in the back of mr, sony said this has higher fidelity speakers now does that mean its going to work better with this set or what does that mean how does the steps appear to you

    • The quality is MUCH better, but you need to manage the amount of bass so that it doesn’t overpower the rest of the audio.

  • tony

    thats good its just been a hard decission between the turtle beach px3 and this one you know what i mean

    • james

      If the px3’s are anything like the px5 just stay away unless you love going through AA batteries.

  • costillaman

    Ill be upgrading to these from the original. Cant wait.

  • tony

    hey yo greg still excited and waiting for your full review of what you think of it and the battery life just want to hear what sonys packing in those bad boys

  • Iorch

    I’m thinking con buying the pulse headset but I also like the px5 which one would you recommend