The Vita Question: Get it or Don’t

My daily routine is cut and dry. I wake up at 6 AM, get on Pittsburgh’s trolley system for an hour, go to work in the city, then take the trolley back home around 5:30 pm. During the course of a normal day, I have 2 hours that I do nothing with. I sit on the trolley listening to music or reading the news on my phone. It can get really boring and sometimes makes me fall asleep. Then an idea hit me! Why not buy a Vita and take my gaming habits with me as I got to work! Its a brilliant idea. I have the money to buy it, and also get some games. It sounded perfect!

Then, I did some research. I looked at the games it had and many of the features. I was ready to pull the trigger, I was ready for the PlayStation Vita! The weekend came and I drove to my neighborhood GameStop. I picked up all the games I wanted and was walking to the checkout when something just clicked in my head. Was I really paying all this money to play Super Stardust and an Uncharted game that had no multiplayer? What if Resistance is as mundane a game as people made it out to be? Escape Plan looks cool but it can’t be a system seller, right? All of these questions popped into my head, and I just had to stop and put away these games. I walked outside, got into my car, and looked my dog who was sitting in the back. I feel like she was thinking “Hey, why are you walking out empty handed?”

Resistance: Burning Skies had so much promise, yet it was underwhelming when you played it. Not a system seller by any means.

It is just a phobia I have when buying a new console! There has to be some reason why I am spending the money. The XBOX 360: I bought it on launch because of Call of Duty 2 and the fact I could play Halo 2 with all my friends even though it was an XBOX game. PlayStation 2: My dad bought it for me because it was a DVD player and also had games too! The Nintendo 64: Come on now, it had one of the greatest games of all time at launch, MARIO 64! Every console had something different about it, and I am not seeing that now with the PlayStation Vita. My question is what will Sony announce that will make me buy a Vita? Here are some ideas I have that will make me go buy a Vita!

• Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified needs to come out by the end of the year. When Call of Duty was announced last year, I was so excited by the thought of playing its multiplayer over 3G! So that leads me to the next part, you have to be able to play its multiplayer not over just Wi-Fi, but 3G! It will make it worth owning a 3G system.

Call of Duty multiplayer on the go? With 3G support, YES PLEASE!

• One of my absolute favorite games right now is Journey. It got me thinking about the PSN. There have been no downloadable games on the PSN for the Vita that has wowed me. If Sony was able to capitalize on something, it would be getting small, great games on the PSN for the Vita. I would love it if I had small, bite-sized games like the App Store has for iOS. The PSN should be a great platform to propel the Vita into gaming households!
• I know many people have said it before, but the Vita really would benefit with a price cut to $199.99. It really has held me back, and I’m sure many gamers, too. The way the mobile scene has been going between Apple, Microsoft, and Google, $199.99 has been the sweet spot for mobile products. Granted, they can do that because of the contracts, but it has put that idea into society’s head that $200 is the perfect price point for portables. Look at the 3DS. It had issues coming out of the gate at $249.99. It dropped its price, got some good games and now is selling like hot cakes. If the PlayStation Vita can drop to that point, I will be running out to grab my own personal Vita.
• The Vita has a ton of features from the back/front touch pads, the 3G connectivity, the GPS functionality, and the cross-platform play. There are many more features, but I really want a game that wows the player because of the utilization of the features. This leads me to my final point point!
• PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale could be my most highly anticipated game of the year. If they can make it on par with Super Smash Brothers, it could be amazing! Since, it was announced to be coming to the Vita, it has been on my radar. What would push me over the edge to buy it on the Vita is if they have some type of cross media play between both games. How awesome would it be to play against a player on PS3? This game could be that killer app that pushes any gamer, not just myself, over the edge!

If PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale can pull it off, this could be the killer game that sells Vitas!

These are just some ideas I have about what it would take for me to go out to buy my Vita. I see the potential every time I get hands on time with the system, and I will eventually get the system. The facts are that right now, it doesn’t have the games or the killer applications that warrant a mass market buy. Sony has a track record of great systems with the PlayStation 1 all the way to the PSP. So Sony, hurry it up! I am ready to give you my money, just give me a strong lineup of games and some killer applications! Sound off below and give some feedback. Make my decision easier, please!

Written by Nathan Hensler

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  • Vampiric

    the vita needs exclusives

    thats all it needs

    it wont ever hit psp levels without it

    ports will ruin it faster

    • Well, it does have first party title support. That’s a good start. The Xbox has only one first party title now, and the second best game for that system is made by a third party. Microsoft needs to have more first party games so that they can build up an edge has PlayStation has.

      • Vampiric

        no it doesnt
        its first party support is pathetic

        • First party – Uncharted: Golden Abyss, ModNation Racers: Road Trip, Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational, WipEout 2048, MLB 12: The Show, Resistance: Burning Skies, Gravity Rush — all released already — LittleBigPlanet, Killzone: Mercenaries, Tearaway (from MediaMolecule) — in development.

          That’s in the first year and a half. That’s a LOT of first party support. Consider: Uncharted, Resistance and Killzone all come out once every two-three years on PS3. We’ve already gotten or will be getting a Vita iteration of each franchise within a year to two of their console contemporaries latest efforts. That, sir or madam, is strong, and hardly pathetic.

          • Vampiric

            golden abyss – worst game in the series, bombed sales wise

            mod nation – worse game in the series bombed

            resistance – same deal


            Your right, sony provided alot of bad first party support

            The psp got lets see, 2 amazing god of wars, 3 amazxing patapons, 3 amazing loco robos, 1 amazing resistance, ratchet and clank games


            face it

            vita is getting screwed

          • You do realize you are comparing the entire PSP lineup with the first 6 months of Vita, right?

          • Vampiric

            he wanted to go there

          • LOL, now you’re comparing the First Party support of the Vita in the first six months to the lifetime of the PSP.

            Here are the facts, you can look them up yourself.
            The PSP came out in March 2005.
            Of the games you listed:
            The LocoRoco (not loco robo) games released in 2006, 2009, 2009
            God of War: 2008, 2010
            Patapons: 2008, 2009, 2011
            Resistance: 2009
            Ratchet & Clank: 2007, 2008

            Don’t come in here trying to compare six months to six years and say the Vita is getting screwed, it really makes you look bad.

            Stop trying to twist things around. You say the Vita is getting screwed
            in the first six months then compare it to the First Party support of
            the PSP in it’s first six months, not it’s first six years.

          • Vampiric

            I didnt want to, but thats what that guy was doing.

            The difference is the psp got third party support

            the psp got an exclusive gta within the first year, and eventually got 3 on the system

            will vita get any?


          • So now let me get this straight, your argument was that the Vita has no exclusives, then it changed to First Party support is terrible, now it’s Third Party Support that’s the problem?

            So when I hit you with the list of current and upcoming Third Party titles, including exclusives, what will your argument be then? Oh, wait, let me answer it for you. You’ll say “It still pales in comparison the what the PSP had over it’s lifetime” which is, again, opinion and conjecture. You’re really good at throwing opinions around and claiming them as fact, but when somebody does the same (in your opinion), you won’t stand for it (Metacritic).

            I can drop facts on you all day and all you’re going to do is ignore them, change the argument or say “well he started it”. Give it up, we all see through your bullshit. You have your own opinions and you present them as fact. You’re right and everyone else is wrong, even when you’re shown that you’re wrong in several different comment threads. Remember 6 > “not a single damned one” – I do. We all do. We see through you. You pick and choose your battles and when somebody proves you wrong you ignore it or change the subject.

            If you had at least said, “gee, I didn’t realize there were that many, my bad”, maybe someone here would have respect for you, but respect has to be earned and you’re failing at it. And that’s not an opinion, it’s a fact..

            Oh and here’s your list.
            Vite Third Party Support (First 6 months & announced titles)
            Army Corps of Hell
            Asphalt: Injection
            BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend
            Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention
            Dungeon Hunter: Alliance
            F1 2011
            Michael Jackson: The Experience
            Ridge Racer
            Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen
            Touch My Katamari
            Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
            Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour Edition
            Super Stardust Delta
            Ragnarok Odyssey
            Gravity Rush
            Sumioni: Demon Arts
            Dynasty Warriors Next
            Escape Plan
            FIFA Soccer
            FIFA Soccer 13
            Madden NFL 13
            Hustle Kings
            Lumines Electronic Symphony
            Rayman Origins
            Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward
            Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack
            Ben 10: Galactic Racing
            Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus
            Plants vs. Zombies
            Lego Harry Potter: Years 5–7
            Treasures of Montezuma: Blitz
            Supremacy MMA: Unrestricted
            The King, The Demon King and the Seven Princesses: New King Story
            The Pinball Arcade
            Pure Chess
            StarDrone Extreme
            Mortal Kombat
            Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
            Persona 4: The Golden
            Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes
            Foosball 2012
            Phantasy Star Online 2
            Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation
            Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified
            DJMax Technika Tune
            Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock
            Dragon’s Crown
            Dust 514 App
            Final Fantasy X HD
            Great Little War Game
            Jet Set Radio
            Lego The Lord of the Rings: The Video Game
            Zen Pinball 2
            Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles
            Need for Speed: Most Wanted
            Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee HD
            Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD
            Retro City Rampage
            Silent Hill: Book of Memories
            Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
            Spy Hunter
            Street Fighter X Tekken
            Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz
            Zone of the Enders

            Wow, you’re right, no Third Party support there.

            So what’s your next argument?

          • Vampiric

            you realize text walling makes you seem petty and stupid.

            I get it though. The vita is in dead last place in every region, and there is really no hope for a change

            you listed so many ports of games, its really kinda no wonder to me

            I hope its on the market next year. But I am not counting on it.

          • ROFL Give me facts he says, no third party support he says. Faced with overwhelming evidence he calls me “petty and stupid”.

            Right on cue, the evidence is dismissed out of hand with well, there’s a lot of ports. And now the argument changes to: well it’s dead last in every region and won’t survive the year.

            Right, because we know it has pathetic First Party support… oh wait. Well we know it has no Third Party support… oh wait. Well… we definitely know that when Sony releases a console a year after the competition and it’s priced higher and selling poorly, despite having better technology packed inside, they will unceremoniously drop it within a year. I mean just look at what they did with the PS3….. oh wait.

          • Vampiric

            third party support isnt ports of games you can get on other systems. That isnt good third party support.

            The vita is pathetic compared to the systems on the market in terms of price, games, visibility

            Dont get fussy, I know this is a sony fanboy site, but facts are facts

            the ps3 is dead last in consoles, the vita is dead last in portables. The difference with the psp was at least it had great third party support

          • You see, unlike you, I include facts in my rebuttals to your (so far) statements of opinion, so my answers are a little more lengthy. I know you don’t want the facts to get in the way of a good argument, but that’s just how it is.

            So just with a quick count, roughly 30 Exclusive games (not ports) out or in development in the first six months is not good Third Party support? That’s your opinion, not a fact, and it’s not really a well informed opinion.

            How many Third Party games came out for the PSP in the first 6-8 months that weren’t ports? Facts are facts, so back up your statements, otherwise it’s (again) just your ill informed opinion.

            As for the PS3, it came out a year after the 360 at a much higher price and now sits within 1-2 million of it. I could go on about the RROD and how console turnover there factors in to Microsoft’s numbers but only Microsoft has those numbers and those facts, so that’s up your your own judgement and common sense.

            For where the PS3 was at the start and where it sits now, I’d be happy if I was Sony. Would I want to be first? Sure, but 65 Million and counting is pretty good in my opinion.

            And now the Vita. The difference is not that “at least it had great third party support” The PSP released in 2005 for $250 in the US to a relatively healthy economy with competition from the Xbox, Gamecube, PS2 and Nintendo DS – that’s it.

            The Vita, in comparison released in 2012 (for $200-$250 in the US) to an economy in a deep recession with competition from the Xbox 360, Wii, PS3, Nintendo 3DS, Facebook gaming, and Smartphone and Tablet gaming on iOS and Android devices (already in most people’s pockets).
            Publishers have shifted massive amounts of development to the “casual” game space over the last few years that didn’t even exist when the PSP came out.

            It’s a much more complex issue than “no third support” but you really hadn’t thought that through, right? Even in the face of all of that, the Vita has currently sold roughly 2.6 million units worldwide while the PSP at the same point in it’s lifecycle sold roughly 3.6 million.

            Yup, in the middle of a deep recession with competition that has grown exponentially, the Vita is 1 million units behind the PSP at the same point. Not bad with all things considered, but you don’t like to consider all the facts, you just throw out blanket statements with no facts to back them up. You can say the sales are terrible but again, that’s an opinion based purely on numbers without taking into account the current retail space or global economy. Take an economics class or two and while you’re at it, maybe some business classes then come back and present your facts.

            You’ve also ignored my responses in other posts when I’ve shown you to be clearly wrong. No apology, no acknowledgement that you were wrong, you just move on to a different comment and try to cloud the facts. You’ve shown the kind of person you are and I love it. Keep it coming though if you have anything that’s actually relevant to say because I’m having fun with this.

          • Vampiric

            again text walling doesnt prove your point, its just trolling

            I get it this is psnation, so lets not tell the truth

            You dont see what a difference 1 million is? And then it rocketed off. Does the vita show those same signs? no

            the psp was first and second in many regions before shooting off.

            The vita hasnt ushed past third
            AT LAUNCH IT WAS THIRD……..thats beyond pathetic

            dont give me that tablet BS

            the 3ds has been the top selling system in the world since last june

          • So giving you the facts you wanted is now trolling, right, okay, that makes sense. It doesn’t matter what this site is, every one of my “text walls” is crammed with facts and every one of your responses is conjecture, opinion or flat out wrong with no facts to back it up.

            The PSP didn’t then “rocket off”. It sold 80k-100k per week to 140k-160k per week a year later with sales spikes coinciding with the holidays and price cuts. Again, facts, not blanket statements.

            Yes, the Vita was third in sales… when it launched in Japan… compared to worldwide sales of the DS and 3DS. When it hit the US and Europe, the Vita was second in weekly sales and only dropped to third for three weeks in late May and early June when the DS dropped to $100 and a new Pokemon came out. Otherwise it has held steady at second since it became available worldwide. Again, these are facts and you are wrong.

            Tablet BS? Oh where to begin, there’s just so much to say here, but how about you just look at this one article, among the dozens available for facts:

            The 3DS was dead and buried until Nintendo dropped the price from $249 to $169 then it rose to first place in weekly sales… for one week in August 2011, then a few weeks in December 2011 and then since March 2012 it has bounced between first and second. Not quite “the top selling system in the world since last june”.

            I don’t know where you come up with this stuff, but I actually take the time to do a little research before I spout off. That way I’m not just talking out of my ass.

          • RealityCheck

            You’re feeding into this guy. He’s one of the biggest trolls on psp, vita, Nintendo and RPGs discussions. Just look at his disqus activity and you’ll see. There is no need to waste your time trying to prove him wrong. All that will do is make him respond with ignorant comebacks like, “You’re a troll” or ” I love fanboys” or “why do I waste my time with idiots on the Internet” and so on. He is in denial about the fact that he’s the troll in these discussions. All you are doing is giving him the attention this whore needs. You see, his dad left him at a young age and his mom ignored him growing up. All he had was RPGs and arguments on forums.

            It’s ok Steve, it’s not your fault…it’s not your fault.

          • Lol, I’ve seen his Disqus activity, I know what he’s like. I’m having fun for now.

            It’s nice because. In fact checking his BS I’ve actually learned a lot of stuff. It may even lead to an article about the handheld market over the past ten years or so, I’ve certainly done enough research over the past few days 😉

            I just need to decide if I really want to do it and if I have the time.

          • Vampiric

            And Ive checked you, you do nothing but troll.

            Fact check the bs? you mean the crap you spew?

            your a sony fanboy who cant except vita is dead last in each region and it wont move up ever

          • You’ve checked me? Oh noes! I do nothing but troll. Prove it. Don’t just throw an accusation out there. Put up or shut up. I stand by everything I’ve ever written.

            Looking at your last sentence there reveals a lot. You weren’t really good in school were you? Poor in most subjects, especially writing and grammar. Not very popular, not one of the beautiful people, you felt wronged by classmates and teachers alike.

            Now you can show people up on the internet big man. You can make claims with an air of authority because nobody knows you. You never have to offer any proof because you -know- you’re right. If people show you up or prove you wrong, you can just ignore them or call them a troll or fanboy to get them upset and quickly off topic. You can make wild claims (again, with complete certainty that you’re right and everyone else is wrong) about future events because in five to ten years time when those claims are proven wrong, nobody will remember or care that you were wrong in a comment you left in some article somewhere.

            We see you for who you really are. Your comments here, and your horrible spelling and grammar expose you for who you really are inside.

            I’ll be waiting on that proof of my trolling, oh, and I won’t forget your comments. In fact, I think I’ll make up a list of all your claims for the future and check back in with you each time one is proven wrong.

          • Vampiric

            You realize these things are designed for fast typing right? But I guess you wouldnt know that. In fact I am positive my highest level of education is more than yours.

          • Still waiting on proof of my trolling.

          • Vampiric

            anyone can read pretty much every one of your responses here. The last place finisher fan site

          • So how about you drop the personal attacks designed to get us off topic andrews get back to my original question.

            You said 4 days ago that you checked my Disqus profile and that all I do is troll. So, outside of this thread (since any comment I make that doesn’t suit you or your opinion qualifies as trolling to you), can you produce evidence of my trolling? That’s all I want to know here. You said that all I do is troll. Put up or shut up.

          • Vampiric

            every response thus far has been trolling by you

          • We know what you think here, you didn’t need to check my Disqus profile to see what I wrote here.

            Quit ducking the issue and back up your claim. You checked on me in Disqus and all I do is troll. Prove it. Show me just one single instance outside of this article that you’d consider trolling. If all I do is troll then that should be a very simple matter Just one, come on, I’m making it easy for you.

            You know you can’t so why not just admit you were wrong?

          • Vampiric

            again your a troll, I would never take you seriously enough to even legitly discuss anything with you

          • Yet you keep coming back here to insult me and avoid my questions.

            Okay, so you have no evidence here either. Unless you can produce evidence to the contrary, you lied. Until then, we’re done with this discussion as well.

          • Vampiric

            its funny to see the pathetic fanboy who defends vita, your a side show

          • I asked for proof of my trolling anywhere outside of this article. You haven’t produced any and now you’re throwing personal attacks again that have nothing to do with my request.

            If you have nothing to add beyond personal attacks then maybe it’s best to just not say anything at all.

          • Vampiric

            your diggin your hole deeper

          • Proof anywhere outside this article? Just a single comment? No? Of course not. Lol you’ve got nothing and you know it. Ha ha.

          • Killvampiric

            You’re full of shit. If you had a proper education, using correct grammar and spelling would be second nature no matter how fast you are typing. The vast majority of your comments are basically word diarrhea.

          • Vampiric

            Oh how clever, an alt. Now I know this is a joke site, when people have to start making insulting alts pretending they have points

          • What things are designed for fast typing? Are you assuming we all know what you’re using to comment here?

            See it doesn’t matter what you use, you’re not in a race. Going back and looking over what you wrote before posting will help you find mistakes (in your logic, in your “facts”, in your spelling and grammar). That way you don’t come across looking dumb or childish. Just a bit of friendly advice buddy. =D

          • Vampiric

            My advice to you, stop being such a sony fanboy

          • Wow, I give you some friendly advice about spelling and grammar and you attack me by calling me a fanboy. Very mature and well thought response.

          • Vampiric

            you done trolling?

          • I gave you advice, you called me a fanboy, I pointed it out. So how is that trolling?

          • Vampiric

            are you joking? you must be

          • Yup’totally

          • Vampiric

            The 3ds was dead and buried huh? Is that why it traded first place back and forth?

            When will the vita ever hit first place?

            Its been first since last june in the world, the numbers prove that as fact

            Have fun with your last place port machine

          • Oh oh oh, I get it now. I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you had a problem with reading comprehension. Either that or no knowledge of history

            You see, I was telling you that the 3DS was a dismal failure for Nintendo, essentially “dead and buried” -until- (see, there’s the word you either missed or didn’t understand, UNTIL Nintendo dropped the price by $80 THEN (meaning what happened next), Then the sales increased, but it still wasn’t until March 2012 that it started going back and forth between 1st and 2nd in weekly sales this is, again, a fact and I can point you to the relevant data if you need it, care to back up you claim of first since last June?

            When will the Vita ever hit first place? Who knows, maybe never, but first place doesn’t mean that a system doesn’t have great games.

            Try again. Hahahahah

          • Vampiric

            And I am telling you, your out of your mind

          • And I’m telling you, 6 > “no a single damned one”

          • Vampiric

            you might want a game education

          • Hahahahah, what a well thought out and clever comeback. You nailed me!

            It must be nice to know you’re right even when the facts presented to you over and over again say otherwise… tell me Vlad, what color is the sky in your world?

            Keep ignoring facts and changing the subject, trying to get things off track from the reality that you’re flat out wrong. You’ve left a nice paper trail here on the site that anyone can read through and see how full of shit you really are. Thanks =D

          • Vampiric

            whats worse than a nintendo fanboy is a sony fanboy

          • Oooooo burn. I can’t help but notice that you have yet to produce -any- actual evidence to back up any of your claims yet. Blankets statements with no numbers or sources? You’re truly the master at misdirection and bs. Well done sir, well done.

          • Vampiric

            I am still waiting for you to type a single fact

          • Like hmmmm let’s see…
            5 > “not a single damned one”


          • Vampiric

            I love it when the mods are the biggest trolls at all

          • ROFL, your capacity for self delusion is staggeringly wonderful.

            Vampiric: “I am still waiting for you to type a single fact”
            Me: “6 > “not a single damned one””

            ** relating to Vampiric’s contention that “The vita didnt have a single third party exclusive at launch………….not a single damned one” to which I listed 6

            Vampiric replied by telling me that “lumines wasnt exclusive, neither was dynasty warriors” Ha ha, also flat out wrong buddy boy!

            He then went on to deride the rest as crap, ignoring the fact that he was flat out wrong in his original contention **

            This is so much fun =D

          • Vampiric

            I never said it didnt have 1, But the ones it had werent system sellers and they werent quality

            And that can be seen by the fact that the vita cant even worldwide outsell the 3ds, psp, wii, 360, ps3

            the psp is outselling vita 2-1

            a 7 year old system is outselling vita worldwide 2-1

            do you know how pathetic that is?

          • Oh, I’m sorry, did somebody take over your computer and type this or do you just have selective amnesia?
            Vampiric 3 months ago parent

            The vita didnt have a single third party exclusive at launch………….not a single damned one

            the psp launched with darkstalkers, metal gear………..need i go one?
            You did say it douche-nozzle and you were wrong.

            The PSP is not outselling the Vita 2-1 worldwide. You are once again throwing out random statements with nothing to back it up.

            Here, let me show you how to do it, the chart below shows worldwide sales of the Vita and PSP since the launch of the Vita:

            The actual numbers are:
            PSP – 2,778,892
            PSV – 2,654,188
            Unless somebody changed math recently 2,778,892 is not 2 times greater than 2,654,188.

            Where did you get your numbers chief?

            Also, let me express my shock and outrage that a system that sells for $129 with a library of over 800 games is slightly outselling a $250 system with a library of about 70 games. It’s truly confounding how something like this could happen. *Now -that’s- sarcasm =D

            You want to back up your claim of 2-1 or are you just going to change the argument again? I can’t wait to find out.

          • Vampiric

            It is outselling it 2 to 1…………

            vgchart numbers, wonderful. That synches it, your a fool

            The psp got 6 metal gears

            the vita will be lucky if it gets 1 exclusive

            How pathetic that even in your incorrect chart the vita cant outsell a 7+ year old system

          • Well would you look at that, even a broken clock is right twice a day and Vampiric finally got one! Good for you little man! But did you happen to read past the headlines? I’m guessing no.

            See the numbers being bandied around are for April, May and June only. Ignoring sales of the Vita from December through March (which include the biggest sales spike during the US and European launches) along with July and August.

            What were the sales during those months? Do you have them? Since you’re telling me VGChartz is no good, where could I find that out please? I’d like to see the numbers side by side from December to August.

            Now for a little historical perspective, as of August 2007, 10 months into the life of the PS3, the PS2 was outselling the PS3 by FOUR to one margin (*source: – see that’s called backing up your statements, you should try it some time)

            The PS2 outselling the PS3 so early in its life had nothing to do with the number of outstanding exclusives the PS3 would receive over the next 5 years, nor the sales it would achieve (65 Million and counting).

            It had to do with the fact that the PS2 was much cheaper and had a much larger library of games the the PS3 at that point in time….. hmmm, that sounds familiar…. oh wait, that’s what’s happening now! See that’s called simple economics and it’s why Sony sticks to the 10 year life cycle for it’s hardware. That late in the game, the older system is pure profit and it’s helping subsidize the new hardware while it gets its footing and builds a library of quality games. That’s actually called good business.

            Now, as for your “6 metal gears” – 6, really? So we’re counting the Digital Graphic Novel as an exclusive Metal Gear? Hmmm, okay.

            Metal Gear Acid 1 & 2 – card based strategy, not part of the canon
            MGS Portable Ops 1&2 – part of the canon and much more ‘Metal Gear’ than Acid
            MGS Peace Walker – Best by far, part of the canon, and oh, it’s also on the PS3
            Metal Gear Digital Graphic Novel….. really?

            Interesting lineup but only three of those really matter to the Metal Gear Solid storyline so take that as you will.

            Now you have some inside knowledge of Kojima and Konami’s plans over the next 5-10 years when it comes to Vita development? Good for you, that’s very impressive. Here’s what I know (from what I’ve actually read) Hideo Kojima is excited for the Vita, he loves that there are two analog sticks and brought the MGS HD collection to the system within the first few months of it’s release.

            Beyond that… nobody know what his plans are, including you. I’d be surprised if there wasn’t another Metal Gear Solid game for the Vita but we’ll have to wait to find out. Let me ask you this, if the Vita does end up with a few Metal Gear titles, including exclusives in the next 5-10 years, will you come back here and apologize to the community? Let me predict the future with the same certainty you have, that answer would be No.

          • Vampiric

            sigh, you give sony fanboys a bad name. No wonder the company is going under.

            When your fanboys are just as stupid and insecure as the execs, you have problems

            Its hilarous, you give examples as to why each of those EXCLUSIVE psp metal gears is no good, but guess what:? they are exclusive

            and prove konami cared about the platform

            nobody cares about vita

            poor delluded fanboy

          • Lol, is that supposed to hurt me or make me angry, calling me a fanboy? Obviously you don’t know anything about me.

            And that’s really a good comparison, five games and a comic that came out for a system over the past seven years against your own personal opinion about the future of a console that’s barely eight months old. How can anyone argue with you? You know you’re right about future events and anyone who disagrees with you is a fanboy, a troll, or flat out wrong.

            Stay classy Drac, you’re obviously much smarter than the rest of us rubes. Don’t worry about defending your positions, by the time you’re proven wrong, everyone will have long since forgotten about the gibberish you spewed in a comment system somewhere, right? You never have to be held accountable. Unless people don’t forget this and come find you later on…..

          • Vampiric

            and you know nothing about me, yet you felt so insecure you had to troll me.

            proven wrong? All youve dont is stick your fingers in your ears screaming.

            I hope the vita stays around because its funny when nintendo crushes sony.

          • Spoken like a true troll and Nintendo fanboy =D

          • Vampiric

            I say it because its fact, its already happened

          • That’s right fanboy

          • Vampiric

            dont be stupid, the fanboy is you being amod on psnation, your a sony fanboy

          • Who’s the fanboy?
            Vampiric: “its funny when nintendo crushes sony.”

          • Vampiric

            Thats fact. Its funny because fanboys like you get in such a twist like right now

          • Hahahaha I’m not in a twist, I’m having a blast watching you come back for more and more. I’m toying with you, pointing out your shortcomings and insecurities, watching you change the subject or attack me when you have no actual proof. This is funny to me and the fact that you don’t even realize it makes it that much funnier.

            You’re flat out wrong in a number of things you said, but you’ll never be convinced of that. You don’t have the capacity to admit your mistakes.

            6 > “not a single damned one” was just the start of it. That’s when I realized who you were as a person and understood your capacity for self-delusion and self-righteousness. I’m having fun, how about you?

          • Vampiric

            are you done?

          • Not as long as you keep posting 😉

          • Vampiric

            that just proves your a troll mod

          • No, actually it just proves that I won’t let you come in here and bully people, posting your opinions as fact and bashing people who disagree with you.

            You trashed a review not because the author got anything wrong factually but because it dared to have a differing viewpoint from your own. That’s what put you on my radar.

            I see that when you tried to compare the functionality of the Vita vs. The Wii U pad (which isn’t even out yet Nostravampiric) and you got called out for your BS over here: you just walked away from the argument. You were flat out wrong, several people pointed it out and you just stopped responding.

            That’s how you operate. You never, ever acknowledge your mistakes. You like to make definitive statements based on unpredictable and unknowable future events, because, hey, who can prove those either way? When you have no proof or flat out know that you’re wrong, you’ll either walk away from the argument or start on personal attacks (the fanboy card is usually good for a distraction).

            Your opinion is better than anyone’s and it’s the correct and only opinion that’s valid in your eyes. If people disagree with you then they’re stupid, a troll or a fanboy. It all really speaks to your level of maturity and paints you in a very negative light.

            You may be able to pull this crap at other sites and people will just ignore you or drop it because they get tired of arguing with you (since you never admit you’re wrong) but I’m not going to let you do that here.

            I’ll keep responding to your comments and bugging you until you prove your statements with factual sources or just get tired of it all and go away.

          • Vampiric

            actually in that article I proved everyone else wrong and people were agreeing with me

            “The Little big plannet cross controller demo DOES NOT give a more rich expererience. Have you seen Rabbids party on the wii u? Ok here it is :
            In that video you will see rich experience that is much better than little big planet demo.”

          • And now comment 3 of 3 all posted within seconds of each other.
            Read the comments, oh right, you have a reading comprehension issue (which someone else pointed out to you on another site lol)

            People even explained where and why you were wrong showing you what the Vita can do and your only response was “no it can’t” – that’s it, that was all you gave to back up your assertions (and that got 1 agree and 2 disagrees as well)

            I’m so happy you brought the video up, even though you didn’t post that comment. Trying to pass it off as your own? It was posted by VenomJamiaca who, by skimming his or her comments is a rabid Nintendo fanboy. You might want to distance yourself from that actually.

            I watched the video, did you? I’m guessing no, you didn’t. I encourage everyone to check it out because it’s actually really funny. The guys trying to play it are confused half of the time even with a Rep standing there telling them what to do. It looks like a mess. Just listen to the Ubisoft rep the whole time, it’s pure comedy.

          • Vampiric

            you stoopped so low.

            Most people agreed with me and you seriously just lied.

            You realize most of the responses in that article pointed out how stupid the article is right? like this one

          • Wrong again chief and I’ve attached a screenshot so people don’t even need to go over there if they don’t want to.

            You’re up to 16 Agrees and 15 Disagrees. I know your blinders can’t get past the Agrees, but people disagreed with you and then refuted your statements.

            And do you realize that we’re talking about your comparison of the functionality of the Vita vs. The Wii U pad, not the content of the article? There’s that reading comprehension getting in the way again I guess. Try to keep up.

          • Vampiric

            as the troll you are you dont include the responses under it which all agree with me.

            I would assume you made an account just to disagree.

            Try to keep up, your a troll who runs a fanboy sony site

            I understand though, they are doing so bad they are almost out of gaming

          • Bullshit and you know it. The ink is there for anyone to see it, in fact, here’s the link again.

            I encourage everyone to read it and see what a tool you are.

          • Vampiric

            ^ yeah and most people are agreeing with me, and chastizing that article if you didnt notice.

            Very last thing written

            “Fantastic comparison, a controller vs a handheld? People need something to talk about I guess.”

            “the Wii U will be more successful than the PS3/Vita cross play mainly because it is cheaper. Buying a ps3 and vita will cost you $500. The Wii U, less than $350. Also, not everyone that has a ps3 has a vita.(I have a ps3 but don’t have a vita) People are not gonna be willing to pay $500 just to get the same exeperience that the Wii U will bring. The Wii U already comes with a controller that gives you asymmertric gameplay which is the main selling point for nintendo. Nintendo’s gamepad will be used in pretty much every single one of its game. While the Vita will not. “

          • Let me say it one more time because you really aren’t understanding, I’m not talking about the article at all, I’m talking about your comparisons in the comment I’ve shown in the screenshot.

            Your comments which are half speculation and half flat out wrong and people pointed that out int he comments that followed.

          • Vampiric

            your a sideshow, the comments I made were all correct

            me like 99 percent of the commenters in that article

            were laughing at vita

          • Jack refuted your claims with:
            “+ PS3 Vita can do stream to PSVita;
            + PSVita can run a PS3 remotly;
            + PSVita can process data and graphics on its own;
            + PSVita have Gyro, Accel, 2 touchscreens;”

            to which you replied:
            “no it can’t”
            Which makes no sense since all of Jack’s statements are correct.

            You also ignored John Tambanillo who reiterated what Jack said (also correct):
            “1- The Vita can stream videos from PS3.
            2- Though it don’t have L2/R2
            and L3/R3 buttons, it has the rear touch pad. It can easily mimic the
            L2/R2 buttons on there, while the L3/R3 can be mapped on the
            3- The Vita DOES HAVE gyroscope, accelerometer functionality. The only thing it don’t have is rumble.”

            Your math is wrong with 99 percent as well.

          • Vampiric

            He didnt refute any of those comments because like the poster under neith that said, you cant

            3 stupid ass people, what a suprise

          • Jack is correct and you’re wrong. Simple as that.

          • Vampiric

            Whats simple? 99 percent of the people in that link laughed at it.

            And why wouldnt they? vita is a failure and wii u will outsell vita lifetime in 12 hours vs 6+ months

            and that is sad

          • We’re talking about your comparison of features between the Vita (a dedicated handheld) and the Wii U pad (a controller).

            In you comparison and Jack’s rebuttal, Jack is correct and you’re wrong

          • Vampiric

            No actually hes so wrong its kind of funny which is why 99 percent of the comments were laughing at him

            just like you

          • He’s right and nobody laughed at him. Ha ha.

          • vampiric

            that article is considered a joke like this one

            you picked out the 1 post that was dumb out of the 99 percent that dismissed it.

            Well I guess sony fanboys have to stick together when a system is a flop

            there isnt a single way to turn vita around at this point

            nobody is making games for it

            and when I say nobody I mean the majority

            it might get its 1 game every month, but its sad

          • Jack and John Tambanillo were both right and you were wrong, one person, VenomJamiaca, tried to disprove Jack and John’s assertions with comments like this:
            “Yea the psvita can do remotely play but it sucks unless you hack your
            ps3. I tried the remotely play and Sony lied. Thank god i have a hack
            ps3 and i got it to work with batman arkham asylum and it was very laggy
            and gimmicky so that fail.”

            LOL. Quit trying to change the subject by posting flame bait, we’re not going for it. You were wrong, deal with it lol.

          • Do you understand the difference between “your” and “you’re”? Oh wait, I guess not.

          • Vampiric

            nice try lying though

            Nobody in that article agreed the vita wasnt a failure and was laughable to compare it to wii u

          • So three comments in a row in response to my calling you out. Insecure a bit are we?

            Make your bullshit claims here hoping nobody will read the article and comments, the information is there for everyone to see. You’re full of crap and you’ve been called out. Deal with it.

          • Vampiric

            I got 13+ agrees in that article, HAHAHAHAHAH no wonder your the head of this nothing site, your a joke

          • …and 14 Disagrees – or were you just going to ignore that fact and hope nobody noticed HAHAHAHAHAHAH

          • Again, how is HE trolling on a site that he co-owns? YOU are the one that made the trip here and YOU are the one acting as the Troll.

          • Vampiric

            are you going to keep ignoring facts?

          • What facts would those be?

            Your statements with no evidence? Yeah I’ll ignore anything you say unless it has supporting evidence.

          • Vampiric

            awwww sony is the next sega. Last place systems are all they know now

          • Lol, you have some serious issues. You’re really invested in sales of game systems. But keep ignoring the fact the the GameCube was in last place behind the PS2 and Xbox. I know it helps you sleep better at night.

          • your or you’re?

          • Vampiric

            who cares

          • The entire English language cares

          • How can he “Troll” his own site? Aren’t you the one trolling?

  • TLOU

    Here’s a guide to notice signs of radical Playstation fanboism as a person or a site :

    1. Listing current and upcoming games that only matter to him/her/it, only to give an illusion of megaton games.
    2. NPD or Narcisstic Personality Disorder, self-glorious stranger who thinks he/she/it’s the most important person on the net. Telling a personal opinion as an absolute fact.
    3. Sales-induced comments/articles, spamming readers to buying it. (eg: 10 must have games, my vita can heal my backpain, i’m getting a second vita, etc.)
    4. Using the ‘trolling’ or ‘shut up’ or ‘fan haters’ terms as final defense when the fanboy cannot openly accept real facts that destroy his fanboyish opinion.
    5. Anger or mad related comments that leads to cursing at others. Some will pretend it using smiley happy symbols or Lol stuffs, but in reality they’re scratching butts like crazy.
    6. Spewing hatred at any other brand that’s more succesful in terms of innovation, reviews, and sales. It screams anti-competition or monopolistic mentality
    7. Cannot stand constructive critics against them or their idol.
    8. Exclusive Attention Deprived Disorder. Almost the same like #2, but they need exclusive treatments in the form of exclusive games. Pretty much like drug dealer and drug abuser relationship.
    9. Judging others of being ‘jealous’ because they don’t have as many exclusives, yet those exclusive games cannot bring their beloved console up to the #1 sales spot globally.
    10. Double-standard or Bi-Polar Disorder. They will blame to MS or Nintendo for propriety HD, but suddenly support Sony for Vita’s propriety flash memory.

    • That’s like the greatest comment in the world! Hey, I am no fanboy by any means, I really enjoy getting great discussions and the vita seems to be a lightning rod for debate. I think we can agree that none of these companies would ever listen to anything we write haha

      • TLOU

        Thank you Nate. Happy gaming. Keep rokkin’

  • It was announced at the E3 Conference that PASBR does indeed have cross-play between Vita and PS3. In fact, if you are so inclined, you can play in the same room as the PS3 version. That way, you can use the TV as your screen and the Vita as your controller.

  • I actually went to Super Target to go buy a Vita last weekend, but I also left empty handed. I wanted the WIFI only version, but they don’t have it, and something else they didn’t have was games. They had only 3 games one display/sell, Uncharted, Hot Shots golf,and Rigderacer. This is kind of sad, the PSP had more games for sell at any point during it time on the selves. Now maybe this is just my experience, I hope. I always felt the PSP was unsupported, and I’m starting to think the PSV is following right along the same path. I wait for 6 more months and see how things look, but I’m hoping for more stuff soon.

    • You really can’t go by what you seen a shelf at Target or Best Buy for that matter, they suck at stocking games nowadays. The Vita currently has 48 games available for purchase in the PSN Store. Only 14 of those are download only titles so your Target should have/could have 34 different Vita games on the shelf for sale.

      Retail is a problem in that they’re getting killed by Amazon so they keep less stock, they’re wary of getting burned on a new system (Target stocked hundreds of UMD movies when the PSP came out) and all Vita games can be downloaded as well as purchased physically which also makes retailers shy away from it. It sucks because for a lot of people, their only exposure to it is in a store and if they don’t see the games, they don’t know how much is really available for it.

      Take a look at the PlayStation Store on the PS3 and look at Vita exclusive games, then go to Amazon because you’ll likely get a better deal on the system. Gravity Rush is free in. a Vita bundle from them right now. Something to think about.

      • Listening to the podcast and heard u plug the article. Thanks for that. Anyway, heard about gravity rush but played the demo and didn’t really like it. I had more fun with MLB and FIFA. Even burning skies felt better. I think I might hold off until assassins creed bundle comes out. I am debating it.

        • Brian_729

          Don’t be so fast to past on Gravity Rush the demo was only a small taste of how deep the game really is. It doesn’t show off just how big the game is or how deep Kat powers become in the later stages of the game. A solid must buy for the Vita.

  • I was waiting for my family to show up for my sister’s birthday dinner. Anyway, I went to Best Buy to mess around with the Vita to hopefully see if I want it. I came away with wanting want so bad, yet again, I went to go look at the games and I couldn’t justify the buy :(. I love the console, it feels great in my hand and looks amazing. The games could be so great on the console, but playing FIFA and MLB and UNCHARTED just isn’t enough for me. God, I wish thise was so much easier but it isn’t :(. I told Glenn that it looks like I will hold off until the white Vita/Assassin’s Creed bundle comes out. That game I am looking forward to more than any other game on the system. You guys have been great and it looks like I will end up getting the system, just wish there was more…

  • I like my Vita but I really need more Japanese games in there. Disgaea 3 and Persona 4 are great but they are just nice ports.

  • ChazzH69

    It is possible to play games over 3G (LBP Vita for example). But I don’t think any FPS would be worth it.

    Sony do need to step up a gear and push the Vita more. But I think they are waiting for a few big games. I got the Vita day one and play it more than anything else now. It is one of the best systems I have ever had.

  • Brian_729

    It really depends on what your looking for, the Vita has a good amount of hit games. Sure some are on consoles like Marvel vs Capcom 3, Mortal Kombat, Uncharted, Ninja Gaden, Dungeon Hunter, Stardust, Lumines, Rayman, Motorstorm RC, and MetalGear Solid HD Collection. There are others like Escape Plan, Unit 13, Gravity Rush, Mutant Blobs Attack that are Vita exclusives. Also PSP game support where controls have been updated thanks to the Vita’s dual analog stick setup, Monster Hunter without the claw hand, Peace Walker, Logans Shadow, Resistance Retribution, Metal of Honor: Heroes, 3rd Birthday with dualstick controls and improved load times.

    Yes im a fanboy but for good reason the Vita rules, look pass the negative press and past PSP issues and get what might be the best handheld ever!

  • Vampiric, you need to take an English 101 course or something. Grammar sir, grammar.

    • Vampiric


      • Lookinthemirror

        Look who’s calling the kettle black. Man, you’re the biggest troll of all.

        • Vampiric

          the only trolls I see are those who no nothing about gaming nor past precedent, and continue to spew nothing but false information

          • HadEnough

            The only idiot I see is the one who can’t form a proper sentence(at least switch on the spell check). Put your video game down and go to this site:


            I’ll take back my comment if it turns out you are a 10 year old kid and in a remedial English class.

            If it turns out that you are actually an adult, I think I speak for everyone who has ever had the displeasure of dealing with your writing when I say, “Go back to school you thick bastard!”.

          • Vampiric

            you know you have no evidence when you have to point to made up grammar complaints

          • “those who no nothing about gaming nor past precedent” lol
            First off, I believe the word you were struggling with all your might to grasp at only to see it slip through your fingers was “know” (as in knowledge) not “no” – now -that- is funny.

            Second, are you actually talking about yourself? I showed you the the PS2 was outselling the PS3 by a 4 to 1 margin within the first 10 months of its life which, by your PSP-Vita logic, would mean that nobody cared about it and the PS3 wouldn’t last until 2008.

            Oh, that’s right, you ignored that, called me a fanboy, said Sony was going under and went back to your 6 Metal Gear PSP exclusives vs. the intangible future of the Vita… with 6 exclusives winning of course.

          • Vampiric

            nobody does care about the ps3 its the last place selling console and sony lost 75 percentof its market share.

          • 65 million and counting is an awful lot of nobodys.

            You really seem obsessed with what “place” everything falls into. -That- is fanboy talk.

          • Vampiric

            Yeah it is when your 65 million nobodies havent made you a dime of profit.

          • Haven’t made ME a dime of profit? II see what you did there. Your statement is correct and a statement of fact because you said the 65 million in PS3 sales hasn’t made ME a dime of profit, and it hasn’t. Well played kiddo, well played.

            But if, on the off chance you meant that it hasn’t made Sony a dime of profit, well then you’re living in a fantasy land. Sounds like you’ve read some sensationalist headlines on N4G and never actually looked at the articles.

            Facts son, sources. Put up or shut up.

          • Vampiric

            The you, was sony idiot

          • Ah, see, there’s that pesky grammar getting in the way of your argument.

            Soooooo, proof that Sony hasn’t made a dime of profit with the PS3, or should we chalk this up to another one of your BS claims with no sources?

          • Vampiric

            They started making profit last year thats fact

          • According to who? Show me the facts. I can also write anything I want and say it’s a fact with nothing to back it up.

            If it’s a fact it should be easy for you to prove, so…….

          • Vampiric

            educating an ape is tough work

          • It really is when you have terrible spelling and grammar and never provide sources for your statements. See, that’s not education, it’s just noise.

          • Vampiric

            arent you describing yourself? whats worse your a raging sony fanboy

          • Hmm, let’s see… terrible spelling and grammar, never provide a source for your statements, no, doesn’t sound like me at all, in fact, it sounds just like you!

            You see, it’s “you’re” as in “you are” otherwise, “your a raging sony fanboy” makes no sense. then again “arent” and “whats” are supposed to have apostrophes because without them, what the hell kind of a word is “arent”

            Thank you for providing stellar examples of who I was describing in your attempt to turn it around on me =)

          • Vampiric

            you havent provided 1 legit source, I have.

          • Wait, what? When did you provide a source for “Yeah it is when your 65 million nobodies havent made you a dime of profit” because that’s what we’re talking about here.

            I know there’s a lot going on in these comments, but please, do try to keep up.

          • Vampiric

            are you done proving how dumb you are?

            I get it, your a sony fanboy but come on

          • Again, no source provided and reply with a personal attack.
            Still waiting…..

          • You’ve won the internet 🙂

    • And we all know the one person who voted down that comment.

  • Vampiric

    I wonder if vita is even going to be on the market in a year. The way its going

    This weeks japanese sales

    The latest Japanese hardware sales from Media Create are as follows:

    3DSLL – 66,412
    3DS – 45,445
    PS3 – 16,277
    Wii – 15,640
    PSP – 13,285
    Vita – 11,298
    PS2 – 1,433
    DSi LL – 1,187
    DSi – 1,069
    Xbox 360 – 978

    For comparison’s sake, here are the hardware numbers from last week:

    3DSLL – 64,655
    3DS – 37,991
    Wii – 16,145
    PS3 – 14,580
    PSP – 12,018
    Vita – 9,446
    PS2 – 1,187
    Xbox 360 – 998
    DSi – 525
    DSi LL – 427

    6th place selling system only 6 months out from release?
    That garbage needs to go away.

    • Hardware sales in Japan… you know that all those systems sell worldwide and sales in Japan don’t reflect the rest of the world, don’t you? Otherwise I’d say the 360 is in much worse shape than the Vita and I’d be worried about Microsoft’s future in the gaming business. You tear apart VGChartz as crap but don’t ever give a better alternative. Yeah, I’m still waiting on that one.

      Did the Vita touch you in a bad place or something? It’s garbage and it needs to go away? So your opinion is the most important and is the correct view, everyone who doesn’t agree with you is wrong or trolling. Nice.

      For comparison’s sake, how about you show us where each of the other systems stood six months out from release, you know, so we can really put the Vita in perspective.

      • Vampiric

        If these were the worldwide numbers the vita would be in the same place. Worldwide its still getting outsold by every platform.

        These arent vgchart numbers you idiot.

        • So again, you make a statement as fact with nothing to back it up.

          • Vampiric

            These numbers come straight from media create

          • Media Create does sales figures for Japan only. You keep claiming worldwide numbers with no source.

            I’m not trying to make you look bad (you’re doing a good job of that on your own) It’s just that you’ve told me VGChartz is crap and you keep talking about worldwide numbers so I’d really like to be able to make educated and informed statements based on the facts.

            So again, where are your worldwide numbers coming from?

          • Vampiric

            No, I claimed japanese numbers here

            you lied and said they were vgchart numbers.

            Sony doesnt post US vita numbers because they ae so terrible

            In fact they group them with psp numbers because it outsells it.

          • So it really is a reading comprehension issue with you. Add that to the list I guess.

            I said that you’re tearing apart VGChartz but not giving a better alternative. Media Create only gives Japanese numbers but you keep claiming to know worldwide numbers.
            Vampiric: “Worldwide its still getting outsold by every platform”

            I’m asking where you’re getting your worldwide numbers. I’d love to know your source for worldwide numbers. Come on, don’t keep it to yourself.

            And while you’re at it, please quote from above where I “lied and said they were vgchart numbers”

          • Vampiric

            wow you really are a fool

            vgchartz MAKES THERE NUMBERS UP

            media create, and npd dont, they get them straight from the manufacturers

            wow. you really are a tool

          • We’ve already established that VGChartz is crap in your eyes, Now for the what is it now, 6th time? Where are your worldwide numbers coming from?

            That’s all I’m asking, that’s all I’ve been asking for the last few responses and you keep avoiding the question.

          • Vampiric

            media create+npd+ the companies themselves.

          • But…. if, as you state above, “Sony doesnt post US vita numbers because they ae so terrible” then how can your worldwide numbers be accurate?

            Please provide a link to the numbers so I can research this on my own, thanks =)

          • Vampiric

            they an be extrapolated since sony does give psp numbers singular like they did last week moron

          • Ah I see, like they did last week…And as I stated above, which you promptly ignored, the numbers they released last week were for April, May and June only.

            So where are the numbers for December through March? Where are the numbers for July and August? You speak with such authority as to the state of the Vita and its woeful sales but you never answered me.

            You followed up my question by calling me a poor deluded fanboy and going on and on again about 6 exclusive Metal Gears. (stacked up against what? an unknown future?) You’re quick to attack and change the subject when you have no answer. I’m on to you…

          • Vampiric

            what the fuck are you talking about dude? They released july numbers………….

            Your right to bring up metal gear though, it just proves nobody is taking it seriously.

            The psp got AN EXCLUSIVE gta within the first year…………

            will vita? LOL

          • Where are the July numbers? Link please.

            I don’t know Vampiric, will VIta? We’ll have to wait a year and see, because unlike you, I don’t pretend to know the future.

          • Vampiric

            you what I am going to do you a favor and make you take the 2 seconds to google you lazy bastard, I would neber link anything for you.

            the vita is a failure now, we dont need the future

          • Is that even English? “you what I am going to do you a favor”
            And what the hell does “neber” mean? Since it’s not a real word I’m going to assume it’s some kind of Twilight code for “be scared to”

            Nope, why would you need to worry about the future sales of a ten year life cycle when you can make summary judgements based on six months. Might as well just pull the plug

            You really don’t work in any kind of a white collar or professional job do you.

          • Vampiric

            how sad the ps3 is dead last and the vita is, the next sega

          • Being in last place for one generation doesn’t matter, as a Nintendo fanboy you should know that.

            Remember how the Gamecube sold just over 20 million and was dead last compared to the PS2’s 150 million (and counting). What happened next?

            Do you remember saying this:
            “the only trolls I see are those who no nothing about gaming nor past
            precedent, and continue to spew nothing but false information”

            Or what about this:
            “If there is one thing you can learn about this industry is people dont learn, and have revisionist history”

            Yet you ignore the past when it comes to Sony. All that’s important is that they’re in last place and they’re doomed. Talk about fanboy fanaticism.

          • Vampiric

            nintendo has never been in last place.

            The gamecube made more profit than the xbox. It was second that gen

          • PlayStation 2: 154 Million units and counting
            Xbox: 24 Million
            Gamecube: 21.7 Million

            It was in third from beginning to end.
            Oh, and by the way, the N64 sold nearly 33 Million

            Remember what you said about revisionist history? You need to stop drinking the Nintendo Kool-Aid buddy. HAHAHAHAH

          • Vampiric

            wow you know how to count units sold

            microsoft? Didnt make a penny on the original xbox.

            Sony? Didnt make profit on the ps2 until a few years later.

            nintendo? made profit day 1

            Its about profit, not units sold you moron

          • LOL whatever fits your argument right fanboy?
            And how much did each company make in profit exactly? Where are those numbers coming from, or is that all in your mind again?

            How much has Sony made (in profit) on the PS3? How much has Microsoft made on the 360? Oh and don’t forget about that 1.1 Billion with a “B” they had to set aside to cover the RROD issueses. That may have cut into their profits just a teensy bit/

            Do you have sources that you can present to back you up or are you going
            to just start calling me names again? Probably the latter.

          • Vampiric

            I get it, your insecure, your site is a shrine to the last place finisher, I get it, but you shouldnt take it out.

            Sony is almost bankrupt do you really want to go into how much of a failure the ps3 has been?

          • I getit, you dont have answers to my questions or sources to back up your assertions, big shock as always you quickly turn it into a personal attack avoiding my questions

            Yes please go into detail on the failure of the PS3, and give reputable sources to back up your claims. Before you do that however, how about answering my questions on what the numbers are and where you got them from? Can’t do that can you?

          • Vampiric

            why would I answer the questions of a troll who lies?

          • So you have no sources here either, just more personal attacks to try and derail the conversation. I’m detecting a pattern. Until you can deliver a credible source to back up your claims, we’re done with this discussion.

          • Vampiric

            the sources are public record

          • Great, then you should have no trouble producing a link here.
            Until then we have nothing more to discuss on this topic. Thanks.

          • Vampiric

            I would never put a link for a troll like you.

          • You completely given up on defending your positions and now you’re just name calling. Good job.

          • Vampiric

            Ive just given up on reasoning with you. Ive already proved everything

          • No source = No Proof LOL You’ve got nothing!

          • Vampiric

            The only ones whose got nothing is you. Similar to vita

          • No source = No Proof ha ha

          • Vampiric

            vita has no releases this week

          • Why do you care? You obviously aren’t a fan of anything PlayStation, so why don’t you just go back to the forums over at and take a sleeping pill? You seem to have a lor of pent-up anger and disappointment about something.

          • vampiric

            I am not a fan of anything playstation?

            is that why I own 2 psp, 2 vita, 2 psx, 2 ps2, and 2 ps3?

            because I hate it?

          • Staying on topic, No Source = No Proof lol, it just gets better every time I get to say it.

            Oh, and now, in your attempt to derail the discussion, you’re wrong again! Man you’re bad at this. Madden is out for the Vita this week and as we all know, 1 > no releases ROFL

          • vampiric

            HAHAHA vita is in dead last place

            @josh my mistake

            it has 1 release in 1 region

            thats pathetic

            and its easy to see why vita is in last place in every region

            it cant outsell anything

            well the ps2 I guess, but thats 10+ years old

          • No, as we’ve already established above, (with the link that you provided no less) the Vita has 2 releases, Madden and Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f.

            So let’s step back here. You (twice) provided me a link to releases in Asia and Europe and claimed FOUR different times that the Vita had no releases in any region this week. Okay, you love your RPG imports, I could understand how maybe you could overlook the second biggest sports game release, but you deliberately ignored the Vita release listed in the link that you yourself posted twice.

            On top of all that silliness, just a few comments above this, two days ago, you said “I would never put a link for a troll like you”. Then you posted a link twice because you thought it would help a different argument you were trying to create.

            Obviously, you can and will post links for me, so how about you post a link that how much has Sony made (in profit) on the PS3 and how much has Microsoft made on the 360. That’s what I asked for at the start of this little thread before you tried to derail it with Vita release nonsense.

            No Source = No Proof lol

          • Are you letting one of your 30 cats type these for you? Do they take dictation?

          • VGChartz makes where numbers up Vampiric?
            Now that is comedy gold, probably over your head though.

          • Vampiric

            dont be any more of a stupid troll

          • So…. why did you slip this random personal attack between comments from 4 days ago? You really have to work on your anger issues man. That stuff will kill you.

  • Vampiric

    The sales I posted just highlight vita’s issue

    If it cant even outsell the psp, a 7+ year old system, What chance does it have in 2 years?

    • ** See: PS2 outsells PS3 4 to 1 during the PS3’s first ten months on the market – posted three times in these comments now

      Or don’t, because it’s easier to ignore that and/or claim the PS3 is a failure because it’s not in First – the cry of a true fanboy.

      • Vampiric

        yeah and the ps3 is dead last place and has only made sony money for 1 year. The ps3 is nothing to brag about

        • There you go again with the rallying cry of the fanboy “X system is in last place!” with no regard for the money being made by the parent company.

          And now you’ve changed your story from: the PS3 “hasn’t made a dime of profit” in arguments above, to: it “only made sony money for 1 year”.

          Lol, make up your mind son! If you’re going to argue something without facts, at least stick to the same details. Hahahahahah

          So, still waiting for facts to back this up and proof that I’m a troll based on my Disqus comments around the web. Whenever you’re ready.

          • Vampiric

            such a tool you are

          • Caught you didn’t I? Lol. Still waiting for a response though on both those questions whenever you’re ready.

          • Vampiric

            I answered even though I shouldnt have to educate an ape

          • You made both of these statements in your responses above:
            the PS3 “hasn’t made a dime of profit”
            it “only made sony money for 1 year”.

            Both can’t be true and you still haven’t provided any sources or official statistics to back up either of those claims. Even a dumb ape can see that. Hooohoooohooo.

          • Vampiric

            Really how did you become a mod when you cant even follow trains of thought?

          • How is contradicting yourself (still with no evidence) a train of thought?

            And I run the site chief. I know you always want to get the last word in, but it’ll never happen. You see, I’m here all the time, you have to make an effort to check the site.

            You gonna provide a source for your contradictory statements or will you just keep attacking me?

          • Vampiric

            I can tell you run the fanboy site.

          • Again, no proof for either of your contradictory statements, just a personal attack on me.

            Still waiting……..

          • Vampiric

            which you deserve

          • Still no proof for either of your contradictory statements.
            Still waiting……..

          • Vampiric

            I am still waiting for you to say something intelligent

          • That’s not proof of either of your contradictory statements.
            What you’re doing is called deflection.
            Still waiting…….

          • Vampiric

            The only one deflecting is you

          • You still haven’t offered proof for either of your contradictory statements:
            the PS3 “hasn’t made a dime of profit”
            it “only made sony money for 1 year”.
            which is all I’ve been asking for here. Go ahead, keep ignoring it and I’ll keep reminding everybody.

          • Vampiric

            awwww your systems are in last

          • My system? Which one?

            I own a PS2, PS3, Wii, DS Lite, Xbox 360, PSP, PS Vita, Dreamcast, Saturn, Genesis, Atari 2600, 5200 and 7800.

            You’ll have to be a little more specific.

            Oh yeah, and just so we don’t get sidetracked here, you still haven’t offered proof for either of your contradictory statements:
            the PS3 “hasn’t made a dime of profit”
            it “only made sony money for 1 year”

          • Vampiric

            Post a picture of your systems or shut up. Anyone can just list the systems. Me? I own all those systems and MORE, and I post pictures regularly

            its a good way to weed out the liars.

          • Here you go:

            The 2600 is in a box in the attic since the 7800 plays those games natively and I’m not digging it out just to take a picture for you.

            Where can I see your systems, the pictures you post regularly?

            Oh, and just so we don’t get off topic, the original question here was:
            you still haven’t offered proof for either of your contradictory statements:
            the PS3 “hasn’t made a dime of profit”
            it “only made sony money for 1 year”

            So if you want to give me a link to that and the pictures of all your systems at the same time, that’d be great thanks 😉

          • Vampiric

            kudos for maning up

            half my systems

            theyve said it numerious times.

          • hey great, good for you.

            Now that that’s out of the way do you want to answer my question about your contradictory statements? You know, actual proof either way?

          • Vampiric

            why would I listen to a troll whose so insecure his systems are last hed make up things?

          • Okay, it’s clear that you have no source for either of your contradictory statements:
            The PS3 “hasn’t made a dime of profit”
            it “only made Sony money for 1 year”

            So you lied, you were called out on it many times and given ample opportunity to provide a source for either over the course of several days and you couldn’t. You decided to launch personal attack after personal attack instead, ducking the question each time Now it’s here for everyone to see.

            We’re done here, thank you.

          • Vampiric

            its fact, theyve put it in numerous finanjcial statements

            I wont be your lap dog

          • No evidence provided, you won’t be my “lap dog”. Thank you, we’re done, goodbye.

          • Vampiric

            your just too stupid to research

          • Again with the personal attacks.

            It’s up to you to back up your contradictory statements. If you’d like to do that then great, we can continue having a discussion here, if not, then we’re done. Good day sir.

          • Vampiric

            your defending a failure system

          • I’m not defending anything. I’m asking for a source to back up either of your two contradictory claims:
            The PS3 “hasn’t made a dime of profit”
            it “only made Sony money for 1 year”

            That way I can read it and make an informed decision about which of those two statements is correct. Instead of standing up and defending yourself you deflect and resort to personal attacks. End of story.

          • Vampiric

            And Ive told you its better for trolls to do there own research so they learn

          • lol you contradicted yourself and you’ve got no proof to back up either of your statements!

          • Vampiric

            the only one contradicting himself is you.

            Ive been the only one with proof. I speak in fact

            you speak in sony fanboy.

            But I understand you have to defend a failed system

          • Personal attacks do not equal proof ha ha. You have no proof.

          • Vampiric

            now I have to deal with nonsense

          • No you have to give a source for your contradictory statements, that’s all lol.

          • You mean “you’re”?
            Who’s the stupid one?

          • Vampiric

            ^ the stupid one is the first person to realize I do that to bate people in using grammar as an argument when they cant say anything else.

          • Enoughisenough

            You’re full of shit. Being lazy and ignorant is not how you try to convince people to take you seriously. You’re too stupid to realize that you are only ever right in your own mind. Just so there is no confusion, this applies to every coment you’ve ever posted on any forum. As you will see, everyone who has ever had the displeasure of dealing with you will agree…indubitably.

          • Vampiric

            vita is doomed get used to it

          • Everybody’s waiting for you to prove either of your contradictory statements and you just keep avoiding the question, instead lobbing statements designed to get people worked up and off topic. That doesn’t work here.

            No Source = No Proof lol

          • Riiiiiight

          • Vampiric

            do i have to deal with you now?

  • Wow when did my little article become this big!?

    • Vampiric

      when one of your stupid mods decided to be so insecure because of how bad vita is doing

      • Dude I am sorry but your getting into an argument with a guy who probably knows more about gaming then anyone on this site. He loves his Vita which is admirable and its a great system. I would just stop because you aren’t going to win this.

      • Actually it’s when I got sick of your bullshit and called you out on it.

        • Vampiric

          more like I got sick of bullshit sites like this and called it out

          • I see what you did there clever boy. You’re still just pushing opinion as fact.

          • Vampiric

            fact IS fact

          • Yes, very good, a fact is a fact. What seems to confuse you however is that your opinions, while just as valid as anyone else’s, are not facts. Possible future events also not facts. Making a statement and never providing a source, even when asked point blank can also not be considered a fact.

            Making contradictory statements and backing up neither of them with a source also is not stating a fact: the PS3 “hasn’t made a dime of profit” and it “only made Sony money for 1 year”

            You’ve also shown here that you don’t always have all the facts and are loathe to admit when you’re wrong: “6 > not a single damned one”

          • Vampiric

            such a troll you are

          • If you have nothing more to add to the discussion beyond personal attacks then please discontinue the conversation. Thanks.

          • Vampiric

            If you have nothing more to add than pretend a failure system is good than shut up you bitch

          • I get it, you’re begging me to ban you, that way you can feel vindicated. I’d rather leave your comments up so people can see what an abusive, sad little man you are.

            You completely given up on defending your positions and now you’re just name calling. Good job.

          • Vampiric

            Id rather you leave them up too, just so people can see how hypocritical youve been

            fyi, you cant really ban me

          • Ha! Wrong again kiddo! You see, Disqus gives site operators a wonderful set of tools so they can see everything that’s going on in the comments and pretty much do anything they want.

            A single button click will block you from commenting here and wipe out everything you’ve said. You’ll still be able to visit the site but you’ll be on mute, unable to comment It’s actually quite easy.

          • Vampiric

            ^ ever heard of an ip scrambler? Do you think I care that you can erase comments? I will just come back in literally 2 minutes

            as soon as I think of a different name

            maybe josh fucker?

          • Wow, clever,, but there are more tools in there than just something to block an ip address. Ha ha.

            You really have anger issues Vampiric.

          • Vampiric

            vita doesnt even have a single release in any region this week

            thats how much of a failure it is

          • Wait, how’d he go back to this? Ohhh yeah, he had nothing further to say on the current matter, so he just went back to the cookie jar of hate and ineptitude. Should I include a link to for ‘ineptitude’ for you? I don’t want your head to explode or anything. It might get your 360 messy.

          • Vampiric

            Your worse than him at least hes a mod, your a nobody

          • Glenn is a moderator. He has to sign in to a different account though.

            @josh_langford:disqus @PSNationTorgo:disqus You know you can add that account “Glenn Percival” as a moderator right? Just a heads up 🙂

          • That or

          • And again you’re wrong. It’s great to see you stumble over and over again in your righteous, rage filled crusade against…. a video game system? Lol

            Madden is coming out on the Vita, and much like the 6 > “not a single damned one” fiasco, 1 > doesn’t even have a single release in any region this week. You’re terrible with math lol.

          • Disqus for the win! I love those people so much.

          • Hey…no need to be calling people names now…

  • Vampiric


    so even you dont have a vita yet?

  • Vampiric

    The vita is such a failure, I sort of feel bad the psp, a 7+ year old system is getting more exclusives.

    • Should I ask you to back that up with a source or is it going to turn into another series of personal attacks? I’m just asking since I own both and I’d love to know what titles I can look forward to.

      • Vampiric

        the vita is a huge failure, there are none

        psp has more titles I want like god eater 2, digimon adventure, ect.

        • Wow, well that’s good to know.

          Then I guess I should probably cancel my Vita pre-orders for Tearaway, Killzone Mercenary, Soul Sacrifice, Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation.

          Then again, while God Eater 2 sounds like fun, I’m not really interested in Digimon Adventure, although, as you said, they’re titles -you- want so maybe there’s nothing new there for me after 7 years and I should move on to the new Vita stuff. I mean, two titles is pretty slim pickings.

          Yup, you’ve convinced me. Only one of two upcoming titles that I want are on the PSP while there are 4 Vita exclusives on the horizon which seem infinitely more interesting. So I’ll have 5 sweet new games coming.


          • Vampiric

            1 game without a release date, 1 game from a dead franchise, a copy of monster hunter, and a side game


            every week 10 psp releases come out to 2 vita games

            thats pathetic

          • 10 releases every week? ROFL, what 10 games came out for the PSP last week? Even better, what 10 games came out for the PSP in the last MONTH? You slay me Vampiric, you really do.

          • Vampiric

            vita is doomed


            PlayStation 3
            Aquapazza: Aquaplus Dream Match
            DiRT Showdown
            Neptune V
            Sengoku Basara HD Collection
            Spec Ops: The Line Xbox 360
            DiRT Showdown
            Spec Ops: The Line PlayStation Vita
            Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f Nintendo 3DS
            Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers
            Kagura Burst: Crimson Girls PSP
            Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi ha mada shiranai
            Custom Drive
            Elminage Another Tale: Ame no Mihashira
            Mobile Suit Gundam AGE: Cosmic Drive
            Mobile Suit Gundam AGE: Universe Accel
            Koisentai Love & Peace The P.S.P.
            Rurouni Kenshin: Kansei
            Yami Kara No Izanai Tenebrae PlayStation 2
            Pachinko Hissatsu Shigotojin IV Kyoraku Collection Vol. 2 Key European Releases
            Agarest: Generations of War 2 (PS3)
            Tales of Graces f (PS3)
            Worms Collection (PS3, Xbox 360) Key Domestic Releases
            God of War Saga (PS3)
            Guild Wars 2 (PC)
            Infamous Collection (PS3)
            Journey Collector’s Edition (PS3)
            Mutant Mudds (PC)
            Ratchet & Clank Collection (PS3)
            They Bleed Pixels (PC)

            Nothing for vita this week IN ANY REGION HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

          • Wow Spec Ops: The Line is coming out? Cool, I’ve heard great things about that, I’ll have to check it out. This is obviously a good, solid list of releases.

            Let’s see, what else is on the list, PSP titles, hmmm, bunch of Japanese stuff that I can’t read so I wouldn’t play. Any US releases, hmmm, no, oh wait, Madden for the Vita.

            Well my choices are between games in Japanese that I’d have to import and play with a translator at my side or Madden for the Vita. Yeah, I’d probably go with Madden.

          • vampiric

            You know what? Id rather import great games made for psp

            than play a domestic dombed down port for vita

            no wonder vita is in dead last place

            it cant even outsell the wii

          • ROFL, let me quote you:
            “Nothing for vita this week IN ANY REGION HAHAHAHAHAHAHA”

            Well there’s Madden so you were wrong about that. Now let’s look at the link you provided. Well what do you know, there’s another Vita title on there:
            Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f, so that makes 2.

            You lied again, and you even gave us the proof in the link that you yourself provided. You’re the best!

            Now I understand why you don’t want to provide links, they undermine your arguments. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  • Vampiric

    Vita has no releases in any region this week


    oh it has 1 you say?

    wow thats pathetic

    • US releases this week, Vita: 1 PSP: 0. Simple choice really. Madden it is.

      • vampiric


        vita 1, psp 10+

        its so sad

        • You really can’t count can you? Or are you deliberately lying to make yourself look better?

          In that link you provided, the PSP has 9 releases, not 10+, 9 and they’re all in Japanese and only sold in Asia. What good is that to 95% of the consumers in the US?

          Your list also has a Vita release, but no mention of Madden, so that now brings the Vita up to 2, not 1.

  • Vampiric

    when will sony do something correct?

    • Like the PS2, the best selling home console of all time? Since sales seem to be the only thing that matters to you.

      • vampiric

        yeah it has been 10+ years now since theyve done anything right

        • More recent? Win the most recent format war by putting Blu-ray in every PS3, which has a nice little bonus of allowing developers to pack more data and uncompressed audio onto a single disc.

          Really, it doesn’t matter what I say here. You’ll find a way to knock it, it’s another of your flame bait strategies and I’m not going to get drawn into your silly arguments. You’re trying to distract from all the wrong statements you made by dropping flame bait everywhere.

    • Their PS3 console is very successful mind you, not including the PS2.

  • vampiric

    who wants to count when they think vita will stop being a failure?

    I think it will stop when they discontinue it next year

    • lol, nothing’s working for you here, you’re wrong at every turn, you have no proof for any of your statements so what can you do? Post some flame bait really quick and hope an argument ensues. That’s just sad.

      Nobody’s taking the bait. Come back in a year and apologize to the community when the Vita is still around.

  • No disrespect to the author of this article as I understand your view points and concerns for the Vita, but I really just want to read the comments between Vampiric

  • AnAngryMan

    Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes ye. Let’s take it!!!

  • @josh_langford:disqus Why do you even deal with this dude (@Vampiric:disqus)? He is just obviously starting a flame and responding to this troll is throwing gas on the flame to create a fire.. Just ignore these people, because it is not worth it.

    I’m sure that you already knew that though 🙂

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  • JuhRo

    Hey.. I’m here… from the future.. signing off as a new owner of the Vita and I love it.. and system sellers are coming out. It’s one of the best systems I’ve ever owned.

  • How about an update on this? It’s been awhile is jt still worth getting?