PS One Classics Coming To Vita!

A system software update that will bring PS One Classics to the Vita is scheduled this summer.  The three specific titles that were named thus far are the zombie classic, Resident Evil Director’s Cut, the ever popular Final Fantasy VII, and my personal favorite, Crash Bandicoot.  The Vita’s beautiful, 5-inch, OLED display will breath new life into these timeless games and allow us to enjoy them on the go.  Sony has assured its consumers that both the Vita’s features and library will grow through regular system software updates.

Written by Emrah Rakiposki

Emrah Rakiposki

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  • I just wonder how they would do it

    make the vita support all ps1 games when the release it or do what they are doing with minis and psp games and just release some titles at a time

    my guess it is the ladder

    • They should be able to do it all at once, I can’t see a reason why not – it’s a basic feature that should have been available at launch. 

      Also, I think later this year they would be wise to make PS2 games playable on Vita. We know it could be possible – it has more than enough power. If Sony are serious about pushing this ‘PS2 Classics’ range on the PSN Store, they need to make the games playable on both PS3 and Vita.