E3 2012: The rumors were true – PS Plus overhaul is coming

PlayStation have seemingly confirmed the countless rumors you’ve been reading over the past few weeks, in stating that a change to PS Plus will be announced during E3.

This is certainly going to be something big – Sony have dedicated the homepage of PlayStation‘s US website to PS Plus (pictured below). Over the past few weeks, much speculation has been flying around the web on what will be happening to the service. Now that we know something is happening, we’ve rounded up the various upgrades that have been alluded to recently:

  • A game streaming deal with Gaikai that would see demos (and possibly full games) sent to your console over the cloud, similar to OnLive.
  • PlayStation Vita integration.
  • A significant upgrade to cloud storage.
  • Tiered membership packages, where the level of content you receive is based on the subscription you choose.
  • A bigger emphasis on free full PS3 titles, rather than PSN games.
  • Video streaming to both PS3 and Vita, included as part of your subscription.

A final point to take note of, is the tweeting of quite a few SCEE employees lately. They’ve been ‘advising’ their followers that before E3 would be the best time to sign up to PS Plus. Could we see some sort of free content or exclusive membership options for existing members? Let’s wait and see, but I for one am pretty hopeful.

[Image Source: us.playstation.com]

Written by Raj Mahil

Game collector. Journalism graduate. Batman addict. Movie goer. WWE nut. Sports obsessive. Arsenal fan. Squawka.com Sub-Editor.

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  • Really looking forward to seeing what they’re adding to plus. The service has def been worth it as it is now, can only get better!

  • This is gonna be good. I already love my PS+. 

    But part of me is scared, I don’t want them pouring too much time into this during their conference. I want more and more games and I’m afraid that this will take up a lot of the time during their press conference. 

    Random note for things at E3, I hope they announce an “ambassador” program for the people who first purchased the Vita at the original price. Maybe have that be a part of the plus program or get a free game of some sort. Just a hope.

  • Steaming of games sounds cool, but is something I don’t want. I still want to own my content. And full games is also nice, but these take up a lot of HDD space and kills my bandwidth. Which many of us sadly have bandwidth caps.

  • wv06

    Maybe full stream ps3 games to vita?

    •  I doubt that. That would be a lot of bandwidth. Not to mention would probably hurt PS3 sales.

      • You have to have a PS3 first, then use it to play PS3 titles on the Vita.

  • Should be interesting, I’m just a bit concerned about the tiered subscription aspect of the program.

  • I love my PS+! Don’t mess this up Sony, just make it better than before!

  • ChazzH69

    From what I’ve been hearing, the Vita is going to be a part of it. I think everyone is going to like what is to come & be glad they have Plus.

  • I’m looking forward. I think they will have great things in store. Just don’t make it more expensive than it already is for the highest package.

  • Well they never detailed anything about the Vita, but more games is good no doubt.

    No mention of Video streaming though.

    And the PS Blog has now published how the changes will affect EU subscribers: