E3 2012 Staff Predictions

E3 is the biggest video game expo in the world. All of the top video game publishers from across the world such as Electronic Arts, Activision, Capcom, and more come to show off their brand new games and concepts. My favorite part of the show are the surprises. The big three (Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo) always have the biggest and best surprises. From last years Twisted Metal premiere, to the PlayStation 3 reveal at E3 2005, Sony always seems to offer a high amount of speculation at the event. The question now is what will Sony do at E3 2012? Here is what some of the writers here at PSNation.org think will happen.


  Raj Mahil    

  • Announce a few exclusivity deals with Grand Theft Auto. My guess is a HD collection (III, Vice City, San Andreas) available on both PS3 and Vita, and timed exclusive DLC for GTA V. Plus, a release date of Spring 2013.
  • A PS3 price drop.
  • New colors for PS3 in EU and US.
  • An as yet unknown exclusive from EA; Sony and them seem to be bed partners right now.
  • Big focus on cross-platform integration on FIFA, Madden and NHL.
  • Finally this year, could NBA Elite actually be coming?!
  • A huge revamp to the PSN video store.
  • The surprise that was promised for Ratchet and Clank HD collection in the US.
  • A new Midnight Club (more hope than expectation).
  • Upgrade in cloud storage space, plus some new additions to what a PlayStation Plus subscription will get you.
  • Lots and lots of Vita stuff, no Monster Hunter though until TGS.
  • A new Burnout.
  • More cross-platform games similar to Motorstorm RC. 


  Glenn Percival



  • New Killzone game of some kind will be announced.
  • More characters for Battle Royale, including Solid Snake unveiled by Kojima.
  • Release Date announced for the Last Guardian, and live gameplay shown in 3D.
  • TONS of new Vita titles unveiled.
  • Sports Champions 2 announced.
  • Live demo of LBP Karting.
  • ESPN app for PS3 announced, along with HBO Go and a Showtime App.
  • Jak 4 officially announced.
  • Live gameplay and a release date for ‘Agent’.
  • GTA V will be shown.
  • Jet Moto returns?


  Josh Langford



  • I think we’ll see a Killzone HD Collection including Killzone 1 and Killzone: Liberation.
  • I think we’ll see some big third parties on stage at Sony’s Press Event showing off (previously unannounced) games for the Vita, including big IP’s (such as Dead Space, Need for Speed, the EA Sports games, etc.).
  • Dark horse: More HD Collections to the Vita following in the footsteps of the MGS HD Collection. Strong candidates would be the two God of War HD Collections since they contain only two games each.


  Nathan Hensler 



  • Infamous 3 will be announced.
  • Sony Santa Monica will announce their new (hopefully) first person shooter that rumors have been talking about.
  • The PlayStation Vita will get a price cut to $199.99.
  • Dead Space 3 will be announced and shown.
  • Metal Gear Revengence will be given a release date of Winter 2012.
  • I said this before it got announced but Bioshock Infinite would be delayed.
  • Call of Duty Vita will be shown and have a release date of Fall 2012. If that is shown, I will go out and buy a Vita.
  • Diablo 3 will be announced for consoles! (highly unlikely 🙁 but a guy can wish)
  • PlayStation 3 will get a price cut to $149.99.
  • Rocksteady Studios will show a teaser for their new game and it isn’t a Batman game.
  • The Last of Us will be playable and given a release date of Fall 2012.


 Eric R. Miller



  • New game from Sucker Punch: InFAMOUS side-story that takes place during 2 with a different protagonist in a city on the east coast (similar to Washington DC) as the beast is traveling by. Possibly a Vita title.
  • Killzone 4 will be announced for PlayStation 3.
  • Release date for Killzone Vita.
  • Call of Duty Vita: great online multiplayer on the go, but no cross-play (unfortunately).
  • Bioshock Vita is NOT talked about.
  • Assassins Creed side-story on the Vita.
  • PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Nathan Drake, Nathan Hale, Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank unveiled.
  • New Buzz game for the PlayStation 3.
  • More EA partnerships: exclusive DLC for the next Need for Speed, Medal of Honor, Dead Space 3, etc.
  • NO appearance from Kevin Butler.

There will be a ton of great games shown, and I am sure a lot of surprises. We didn’t even talk about Microsoft and Nintendo, but there will be a lot of stuff coming out. Tell us in the comments and forums what you all think of our predictions and make some of your own!

Written by Nathan Hensler

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  • himdeel

    PS3 Price Drop
    Vita Memory Card Price Drop
    Infamous 3 announced PS3 and Vita
    Killzone 4 announced Vita Killzone game announced
    New Vita Apps announced and downloadable after conference
    New Metal Gear for PS3 and PC 
    FFV13 Shown
    More downloadable PSP games announced for Vita
    PSOne and minis working for Vita from + Subscribers

  • It would be nice to see Sony drop the price of the PS3. It kind of needs the shot in the arm. But can Sony afford to do it?

    I am not sure about another Killzone game this generation. I am hoping Josh is right with the Killzone HD collection. There must be a reason why Sony changed their mind about releasing it as a PS3 classic.

    My fears is that Sony’s Press Conference will be all on Vita and not a lot of PS3 or PSN. PSN needs some exclusive games, its been kind of dry compared to the past.


  • Nathan, when you say Rocksteady will be working on a different universe, do you think it will be the rumoured TMNT?

  • wv06

    Kevin butler in ps battle royale .. You heard it here first

  • Sony hires an actual User Interface designer (it will be announced two days after E3 that he was sadly run over by a bus in the parking lot).
    Microsoft announces that they will allow Xboxes to send little electronic data packets across wires FOR FREE, yo!
    Nintendo gets bought by Dell Computers and their first product will be the “MarioPhone”… It has less memory and lower resolution than any other competing phone, but comes with the original Donkey Kong game and a free laser printer.

  • I think that RockSteady will do something in the Superman universe sorta like how they did for Batman when The Dark Knight came out since Superman has a movie coming out soon. I have read they would like to do a Superman game so hopefully something comes out. I don’t know to be honest if it will happen, but I hope! Superman is the only BIG comic book superhero that hasn’t had a good game. I can just remember Superman 64 and how i died a bit inside as a 14 year old. 

  • ChazzH69

    Loads of Vita games including GTA*, Infamous, COD & Monster Hunter.
    Some big games for PS3 like Mirror’s Edge 2, Agent, Red Dead Revolution and Bad Company 3 Just Cause 3.
    Some more integration with PS3 & Vita including ‘Remote Play Plus’ & ‘Vita Game Control’

    *GTA V side story along with the main game but has more drug dealing (like Chinatown wars) and bank jobs.

    More of the KB.

  • cuttingt

    For All Stars, I think a Chimera will be a safer bet than Hale, also Ethan Mars as a character!

    (For his level 3 super, he grabs his head and screams, the screen goes black and the sad music from Heavy Rain plays for 5 seconds. The screen returns to its normal colour and Ethan is the only person on screen, and he’s holding an origami figure in his hand. Everyone else re-spawns: the match continues.)

  • I think Crossplatforming with EA is probably announced beginning with NHL 13 and NBA 13 claiming the Madden didnt have enough time for this years cut.

    I also think PS1 titles will be available on Vita as the speech goes live with a patching giving Vita’s access to the PS1 library.

     More characters will be announced for Allstars.

     LBP Karting announced to be live with Vita and you can crossplatform play with PS3.

  • I really hope that cross-platforming games become a thing for vita. It would be a huge selling point and something that would love! We will see what happens, but I hope a lot of these predictions happen!

  • SOCOM_Fan

    Let me tell you…if they announce a Killzone HD Collection over a SOCOM HD Collection, the SOCOM community will burn SCEA to the ground and Jack Tretton will most likely have death threats against him.

  • SOCOM_Fan

    Let me tell you…if they announce a Killzone HD Collection over a SOCOM HD Collection, the SOCOM community will burn SCEA to the ground and Jack Tretton will most likely have death threats against him.