Win the PSN Title “The Marbians” Right Here!

What exactly are The Marbians? Well, they’re aliens looking for moon rocks that got side tracked and crashed into a dusty old attic in Roswell, New Mexico. The physics based Mini will have you flinging your little marble-encased aliens across 72 levels in a maddening, yet addictive puzzle game.

The critically acclaimed game from Nordisk Film was originally released on the iPhone and has now made it’s way to the PSN as a Minis title that you can play on your PS3 or PSP. We’ll be reviewing the game on next week’s podcast but before that happens, we have codes to give away for the first nine responses to this post. Do you want a free copy, then be quick!

In the meantime, check out the trailer below, and good luck!

Written by Josh Langford

Josh Langford

Josh has been gaming since 1977 starting with the Atari 2600.
He currently owns 26 different consoles and 6 different handhelds (all hooked up and in working condition) including all consoles from the current generation.

Josh is currently the US PR & Marketing Manager for Fountain Digital Labs and has recused himself from any involvement on PS Nation arising from posting or editing any news or reviews stemming from FDL.

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  • I want The Marbians mini !! Looks cool 😀

  • The Marbians!!

  • Hey Hey

    • Now that I got that in real quick, I just wanted to say that you guys rock! The love that you guys show to the community is astounding. My week isn’t complete without the show and I just wanted you to know how much we all appreciate your hard work. Thanks!

      • Thank you sir.  I’ve sent DM’s to the winners on Twitter and PM’s to the two from Retroids, just need confirmation from the last two winners.  Thanks everyone!

  • Anonymous

    looks cool

    • Check your PM’s at Retroids 😉

  • Ooooh a MINI! Wonder if it’ll play on Vita…

  • Anonymous

    Me me me

    • Is you hotmail account on Disqus correct?  I’ll send the code there.

      • Anonymous


  • Me please! Thanks.

    • Check your PM’s at Retroids 😉

  • Anonymous

    i want a code, thanks!

    • Is your hotmail account on Disqus correct?  I’ll send the code there.

      • Anonymous

        yup it is 😀 or tweet @MaDetho:twitter 

  • Puzzles? I love them.

  • I would like a code please @readyplayer1

  • Comment!

    Aww shoot 🙁

  • This looks like a game that will satisfy my puzzle gaming needs, very cool!

  • I want the marbians please

  • Steltzmsn

    please m8 send me a code love that game my friend let me play on his i phone but i would love to have it on my PS3 please m8

  • hey motherfuckers.. i want that game mofos…… bring it on

  • Steltzmsn

    so when are u sending it sorry???

  • Anonymous


  • too late? 🙁

  • Well I guess that I’m too late, but that is ok. I would like to share though that I am having a contest of my own blog. I am having a contest to give away 2 free PS Plus-30 days free codes. All you have to do is drop a comment, and it is highly recommended that you comment as a Disqus account user or as a guest, because when you connect through facebook, twitter, etc., I can’t see a email address. Hope @josh_langford:disqus can mention it on the latest podcast (or the next one). Contest ends Friday 13, 6 PM EST.

    And if you do use facebook, twitter, etc, to comment, please provide an email address in the comment itself.Here is the link:

    • Westley Borden


      • Man, that contest was long over. You waited way too long 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Looks great!

  • damn looks like I missed it
    I have been busy for the last couple of days and I just couldn’t get on

  • Derek / Beaver6622

    Am I The ninth?  Can I please have a code too?!?!?

    • Derek / Beaver6622

      Damn.  Nevermind.  Apparently I need to hit the “show more posts” button.  

  • Not in the first 9..  But have it on iOS, and it’s pretty fun..  if you have a spare, give it to the guy above me..

  • Such a nice catchy tune

  • Raj S.M.

    Looks like a great little game to play in short 10min bursts, will have to get a trial on either PSN or iOS.

  • ROCKS.

  • Aaron Sommers

    I would love to try it .