2011 Golden Minecart Awards – Community Vote

The best games of the year aren’t truly recognized until winning a PS Nation Golden Minecart Award. Or so we’d like to think.

PS Nation proudly welcomes back an annual tradition – The Golden Minecart Awards. The best games of the year as voted by you; the PS Nation community.

PS Nation team members (podcast hosts and website contributors) have narrowed the nominations down to six games in each category but it’s up to you to choose the winners. We’ve also included a write in spot in the event you want to vote for a game not nominated by us.

You can vote once per day and polls will remain open until the end of Tuesday January 10th at 11:59pm Central Standard Time. Your votes will be tallied and we’ll share the results both on this website and on a special podcast episode dedicated to the PS Nation Golden Minecart Awards. Last year on the podcast we included acceptance speeches from the winners and you received a personal thanks from the folks behind the games you decided were the best.

Who will you hear from this year? That’s up to you and you can vote below. Visit once per day and ensure your favorites end up at the top of each category.

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  • YO!!!

  • go portal 2!

  • Go Arkham City!

  • Anonymous

    I want Oddworld to get an award for the time & effort JAW put into that outstanding game. HOTD is very good, the wife is enjoying playing it with me & there is alot to Josh’.

    Uncharted 3 should get as many as possible and the multiplayer on that is the most fun anyone can have without taking their pants off*.

    *For a dance off!

  • Anonymous

    Yes Finally Golden Minecart time!!  I cant wait for the awards podcast!!!  I loved the categories!!  I got to give my love to Shadows of the damned!!  It wasnt game of the year but i do think it was to amazing to not get recognized!!  But wow That best overall ps3 game was a hard one to pick!  But i had to go with Skyrim for it has shown me that a game does not have to be perfect for me to love it!  I love it Bugs and all!!!  

    • Glad you like the new categories. The guys had some great ideas and we also used a lot of feedback from the community after last years Minecarts.

  • Elias Mårtenson

    Deus Ex deserves a spot in the RPG category as well. I picked it up at a discount and then I didn’t play it for some time. Once I did, I was surprised at how good it is. I have played that one more than most other games this year.

    • Maybe lots of folks will write that one in. Also shows up in the ‘Blast from the Past’ category but we nominated it there.

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  • as always i took my time on the PS3 Best Overall, that’s the hardest one every year; the choices are Awesome can’t single one out.

  • Anonymous

    Batman: Arkham City FTW!  I played a lot of games this year and I’ve yet to revisit a completed game as often as I have with Batman.

  • ankit shah

    Fifa 12 for best multilayer

    Football > Hand egg

  • Anonymous

    Ouch, such is the RPG market.  I was going to post a rant about picking so many games that are either busted on the PS3 (Two Worlds 2, Skyrim) or bad as RPGs (the Bioware games), but I know you’d catch a lot of flack if you left them out (except maybe TW2, lol).  The only solid RPGs there are Dark Souls and Disgaea 4.

    Hyperdimension Neptunia was a mediocre game at best, but at least it was fun and a breath of fresh air,  and came out this year.  Atelier Totori I haven’t played yet, but is supposed to be a big improvement over the already pretty good Atelier Rorona.  Ar Tonelico Qoga was this year too, and one of the most entertaining RPGs I’ve ever played.  If it weren’t so pervy I’d recommend it over everything else.

    It’s going to be sad seeing the PS3 version of Skyrim win an award despite being a broken mess, much worse than the other versions of the game, even after the recent patch.

  • Dark Souls

  • Anonymous

    Just think next year there will be a Best Of Vita category!!!  Sweeeet!!!  Anyway just voted again!  haha

  • All Categories should be marked Other – Elemental Monsters: Online Card Game

  • Anonymous

    Uncharted 3 all the way yo!

  • TWO!!!

  • I vote inFAMOUS 2. I love the inFAMOUS series. I am even still playing through the first one still collecting shards and other things such as karma moments when someone is hanging from a streetlight pole. I love that game.

  • David

    Awesome. Finally got around to voting.

  • Can’t wait to see the winners!

  • Jason Honaker

    Come on Yakuza fans, put Yakuza 4 as best RPG!

  • Didn’t The God of war Collection come out in 2010?

    • Yes, but the God of War Origins Collection came out in 2011 (the one with the two PSP games).

  • Hidden results? I see what you did there! 😉 Love the categories BTW.

  • Anonymous

    Wow.  Stunned the Masters, Tiger Woods Golf is not even in the list and it has to be written in!

  • Man, do I love this community!

  • Anonymous

    Are you going to announce most of these Awards during the Breaks during the podcast????  :/

    • No, we’ll have one podcast dedicated to the GMA’s just like we did last year. Look for this years’ on Ep252 due out 1/25.

      • Great! I’ll look forward to it. Hope inFAMOUS gets picked as on of the games. Absolutely LOVE that series. Wish more games can come out.

  • OK I voted.. MikePSN08

  • Anonymous

    Finally see Dead Space 2 mentioned this is one game that is truly under appreciated.  In my opinion it laid new ground on how disturbing a game can be, while at the same time really drawing you in and making you really care about Issac.  10 of 10 for me. Thx for including it PSnation!!

  • Anonymous

    I would love it if Infamous 2 got more attention. It’s an outstanding game and was more than I hoped it would be. Oh & the endings..  wow!

    • I love the series also. Hope that game wins something. I wish there could be a third game. Maybe it could take place after the lightning strike at the end of the game on good. Cole could get revived by it? That would be so [email protected]:disqus , sound like a good idea to you?

  • May the best games win!

  • only a matter of hours to go now – which means Josh is currently busy editing the results so that Just Cau…….erm…I mean……double-checking everything on the website is working ok! yes, that’s what he’s doing… 😉

  • I know its too late but I wonder why L.A. Noire has not done better for awards. I just picked this up a week ago and have been absolutely engrossed in it. As much as I liked Uncharted 3, I like L.A. Noire that much more.