Episode 236 – The Guests Have Arrived

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#Interview with Ian Tornay for Battlefield 3

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Written by Glenn Percival

Glenn Percival

Just a guy that loves games, movies, Golf, Football, and Baseball.

Podcast Co-Host, Editor-in-Chief, Video Producer, and whipping-boy

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  • Great Podcast! I really enjoyed the JRPG talk. Can you repeat the Internet site of the person that talked about JRPG?
    About X-Men: First Class, I kind of agree, it was kind of weird that the “bad guys” were more interracial than the good guys. Then I started to think and this supposed to be 1962, I think this was a realistic point. I explain myself, if you find a teenager who is getting bullied on a daily basis and you give them strong mutant powers… How many do you think are going to go an revenge spree? I don’t think the movie was racist at all it’s just a white rich kid from a good school like Charles Xavier doesn’t have the same anger issues than a minority in the 60’s. Also some people complain that the movie had “a liberal hidden message from Hollywood”, specially with sentences like “Mutant and Proud”. When the movie was released there were a bunch of articles talking and bitching about it, which I found really absurd because the message has nothing to doa with Hollywood; Stan Lee has been saying that “irracional hatred toward minorities inspired X-Men” since 1963. That was the main motivation behind Magneto, “What do you want to save people that hate you Charles?”
    Anyway I know this is probably not the place to recommend this game since is not a Playstation game but talking about retro games, there is game for the 3DS Virtual Console that you guys should try is called “Avenging Spirit”, it cost 3 bucks and it was published by Jaleco on 1992 for the original Game Boy. The gameplay is similar to Kirby but more serious. Have fun and thanks for the great program/website!

  • For the PS2 remakes: I would LOVE to see Killzone get a HD remake. Sound upgrade, graphics and of course trophies. One of my favorite PS2 games, yes even with all its flaws. Come on Glenn, get your nag button all warmed up.

    • I agree with you regarding Killzone HD. I wasn’t that much into FPS when this game came out for the ps2 and I think this was one of the only ones that I finished and enjoyed it! ^_^
      My question is… how much does it cost making a HD version of a ps2 title? I love to have HD versions of PS2 titles but I think with the cost of making one HD version of a ps2 title Sony probably can put in the store several non-modified titles. Basically the question is what do we want quality or quantity?

      • I don’t think it cost that much. I am sure God of War Collection took about 6 months. And Killzone was my first FPS I ever played,

        • Well there is also the final price, meaning a HD version with two or three good titles is going to cost you around 30/40 bucks on disc while a non-modified version will cost you $ 10 on the Playstation store. Also, do you know if these PS2 titles are Vita compatible? because I don’t see any “copy” option as I see on the PSOne titles.

          • I’m not sure if the Vita can play them. I don’t see why Sony wouldn’t have the Vita do so.

          • I guess you are right, just because there is no “copy” option doesn’t mean that Vita can’t play ps2 games; they can add that option with an update.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve got about a billion questions about the PS2 games on PSN in case you ever get to talk to someone from SCE about it, but I’ll try to keep it short.
    1)Why has Sony been so quiet about it?  The announcement was buried at the bottom of a post about PSN exclusives.
    2)Is Sony going to put up PS2 games on the Japanese PSN?
    3)Why is there no consideration for people who already own the games in question?  If they are having to put a lot of work into tweaking the emulator, a small fee for a version of the game that checks for an original disc every time you play would be nice, and easy to implement (obviously free would be better, but times are tough for Sony too).
    4)Why does the controller shut off when starting a game?  Makes me wonder how tweaked the emulator is…
    5)Why don’t they support the virtual memory cards that BC systems used?  There’s a usability issue with people forgetting to make virtual cards before starting a game, but there must be a better way of fixing that.
    6) And of course, Vita support?

    • I can answer a couple of those at least.

      3) For the same reason this wasn’t done for PS1 discs.  You’re buying a digital version of the game, a version not covered in the original licensing and contracts.  People have to get paid.  You also now have the ability to play (some) PS2 games on a slim PS3 system that has no native compatibility with PS2 games, hence the individual emulation wrapper on each which also costs money in development time etc.

      4) The controller shuts down on original (fat bc) PS3’s when starting a disc based PS2 game as well.  It’s because the PS2 emulation runs entirely outside of the PS3 operating system.  You’re essentially suspending the PS3 OS and booting into the PS2 environment.  When that happens, bluetooth connectivity to the PS3 OS is lost and you now have to reconnect to the PS2 environment.  It’s just a limitation of the OS and how they built everything.  I wish it wasn’t like that but in the end it’s not that big a deal.

      I can guess at some of the others, but I’d rather just go with what I’m sure of.

      • Anonymous

        3) They went even further with PS1 discs.  I can play virtually any of them on my Slim for free, regardless of whether or not I bought the download.  And yes, they do have to tweak the PS1 emulator when bugs crop up in the PSN version’s QA, but those fixes wind up in the firmware and we all benefit for free.  And yet the PSN versions still sell, FFVII is still in the top ten of PSN sales after two years.
        For PS2 games, for the sake of discussion, I’m willing to agree that they’ve sunk too much money into BC (both hardware and software) to just give it away for free.  But there’s not even a discount?  They had to renegotiate with publishers for the DD versions anyway.  And the strange thing is there’s reports Sony was running QA over the summer on pretty much every PS2 game, including ones already announced for HD collections.  Didn’t sound like a whole ton of tweaking was needed, and honestly, do the titles they’re putting up for download suggest there’s a lot of money being spent on Sony’s behalf?4) I’m used to the controller shutting off, since I’ve got a BC PS3.  The assumption before had been that it’s because the PS3 has to reboot since it’s using actual PS2 hardware.  So now it’s the OS?  Only reason I can come up with is they needed to use the SPU reserved for security…  Just feels like something left over from the old emulator, rather than something the pure software one has to do.

  • Anonymous

    PS2 games i would like to see remade or repackaged? Thats easy Ratchet and Clank 1 – 3 to be honest i have no idea why this has not happend yet. Other than that i would have to say Grand Theft Auto the thought of having that much gameplay all on one disk is amazing, however i could see Rockstar releasing them individually.

    • Actually I just heard that Jak and Daxter HD is almost confirmed… Can anyone provide more info? thanks!