Gamescom: ALL Vita games will be downloadable

Sony have announced that every single PS Vita game will be available for download over the PlayStation Store.

Of course games will also be available at retail, on the new proprietary format – a flash-based memory card, although not many details on this have been released as of yet.

Although the PSP Go put many people off digital distribution, Sony are maybe going about it a cleverer way this time round. By making all games downloadable, it’s a significant step forward, but still gives gamers the option.

Other Vita news from Gamescom are the social networking apps that will come pre-installed on the handheld: Twitter, Facebook, Skype and Foursquare.

As well as this, the console manufacturer quashed rumours that RAM on the machine had been halved and also said that any PSP titles purchased on the store will be playable on the new device.

Written by Raj Mahil

Game collector. Journalism graduate. Batman addict. Movie goer. WWE nut. Sports obsessive. Arsenal fan. Sub-Editor.

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  • Anonymous

    I still haven’t seen anything concrete about the Vita’s memory, other than some rumblings that it will use Sony M2 cards instead of the trusty SD cards…. if they are trying to emphasize digital distribution, I’d assume at least 16 GB internal would make sense, like the PSPGo. Otherwise, in order to have a healthy game library, you’d probably need a few cards…I hope they clear up that confusion soon.

    • Anonymous

      I’m really keen to know the internal storage they’re going to offer as well, I’m big on digital downloads just put a 640GB drive into my PS3 so I’m hoping for plenty of space on the Vita!

      • Anonymous

        When I first got the PS3 I wasn’t loving the idea of download only games, but now my entire 250GB is close to full with PSN games…I’m planning to upgrade mine soon with a 500GB.

  • Derek / Beaver6622

    If Game makers/distributors want to curb the used market Sony needs to price the digital version cheaper.  But that’s not going to happen…  
    I resell my games so the only way I’m going to download my games is if the price is right.
    Plus a decent size ProDuo M2 card isn’t cheap, which to me feels like I’m paying more for convenience and no resale.  

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, that’s what my main concern is about having no definite details on it.. Hell, even if they went the SD route, one of the bigger ones can cost around 100 dollars, and carrying around a couple smaller ones just seems like a hassle. And the M2’s are even smaller than the SDs!

  • good that is the main reason why I got the psp go over the 3k version because I want to have most if not all my games with me on my psp and I don’t want physical copies of the game on a portable system it mean that I would have to carry those and worry about losing them

  • I’m not hopping on this digital distribution stuff…. If i end up buying a game that BLOWS, i’m stuck with it, and can’t get at least partial money back. 

  • Anonymous

    I’ll be getting the VIta day one and will be purchasing PSP games I always wanted to try on the Vita.  I just wish like we all do that the price of digital downloads was a bit cheaper to encourage more folks to purchase that way.

    • Anonymous

      Yep, when Infamous 2 came out i’d have loved to have just downloaded it off the store to have it on my hard drive but £50 ($82) was just too much.  I didn’t get it until 2 weeks after release so went with eBay and grabbed it for £24 ($39).  If digital was cheaper i’d get it over retail most of the time.

      • Raj S.M.

        tell me about it. the psn prices are mental.
        just two examples: mass effect 2 = £48 on psn or <£10 in stores. red faction = £57 on psn or <£15 in stores.
        wonder which option everyone will go for…