Episode 154 – Spring Raining

New Releases. News. Interview for MLB 10 The Show. What We’re Playing. Interview for MLB 2k10. Hands-on with Last Rebellion. Reviews of Heavy Rain and Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce. Emails. Comedy clip is Duane Gay.

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#New Releases
Battlefield Bad Company 2 (PS3)
MLB10 The Show (PS3/PS2/PSP)
MLB 2k10 (PS3/PS2/PSP)
St. Elmo’s Fire (PSP)
Lunar: Silver Star Harmony (PSP)

No HDD install for GoW3:
More RAM available for PS3 devs:
PS3 Slim sweeps 2009 Engadget awards

#Interview for MLB 10 The Show from SCEA San Diego Studios with:
Jason Villa – Sr. Producer
Jody Kelsey – Sr. Producer
Eddy Cramm – Sr. Designer
Aaron Luke – Designer

#What We’re Playing

#Interview with Sean Bailey from Visual Concepts, Gameplay Designer for MLB 2k10

#Hands on with Last Rebellion (PS3)
#2nd Opinion of Heavy Rain (Mark)
#Review of Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce (PS3)
#Comedy Clip is from Duane Gay on the Bob and Brian show in Milwaukee.

10:40- God of War 3
15:14- MLB 10 The Show
1:08:02- MAG
1:12;22- Shiren the Wanderer
1:13:14- Yakuza 3
1:15:25- Data East Collection
1:19:50- MLB 2k10
1:55:38- Last Rebellion
1:59:06- Heavy Rain
2:13:30- Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce

Written by Glenn Percival

Glenn Percival

Just a guy that loves games, movies, Golf, Football, and Baseball.

Podcast Co-Host, Editor-in-Chief, Video Producer, and whipping-boy

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  • http://www.ctrlaltkill.org Andrew Espejo

    thank god for a baseball podcast! mlb 10 the show… jesus!

  • http://www.ctrlaltkill.org Andrew Espejo

    oh god thank you lord for a baseball podcast! eff you mark!

  • http://www.ctrlaltkill.org Andrew Espejo

    thank god for a baseball podcast! mlb 10 the show… jesus!