Episode 153 – Short Round

New Releases. News. What We’re Playing. Hands-on with Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce. Review of Hustle Kings. Emails and Voicemail. Comedian is Nick DiPaolo.

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#New Releases
Heavy Rain (PS3)
Last Rebellion (PS3)
Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing (PS3)
Metal Slug XX (PSP)

SF3 characters confimed for SSF4:
Capcom expresses interest in SF4 for PSP:
90-minute Darksiders demo on the way:
Nippon Ichi (NIS) focusing on PS3 development:
SOCOM fights piracy on PSP:

#What We’re Playing

#Hands on with Dynasty Warriors StrikeForce (review next week)
#Review of Hustle Kings
#Emails and Voicemail
#Comedian is Nick DiPaolo

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