Episode 141 – Slanted Pessimism

New Releases. Interview for Socom Confrontation. What We’re Playing. Review of Military Madness Nectaris. Review of Pinball Heroes. Holiday Giveaways. Emails and Voicemail. Comedian is Dana Gould.

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#New Releases

James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game Based on the Movie Avatar Which is Not to be Confused With Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender Soon to be Movie Titled M.Night Shamalaman’s The Last Airbender (PS3)
Rogue Warrior (PS3)
MX vs ATV: Reflex (PS3, PSP)

#Interview with Mark Rogers, Senior SCEA Producer for Socom Confrontation

There is none, eat Turkey!

#Winner of the Military Madness Nectaris contest
#What We’re Playing

#Review of Miltary Madness Nectaris
#Review of Pinball Heroes for PSP

#Holiday Giveaways
#Emails and Voicemail

Written by Glenn Percival

Glenn Percival

Just a guy that loves games, movies, Golf, Football, and Baseball.

Podcast Co-Host, Editor-in-Chief, Video Producer, and whipping-boy

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  • lazytime

    good shit torgo. you asked the right questions but he danced around it all.

  • JPut

    Ummm, not your fault, but that Socom interview blew. Bad. I mean how can they talk about how the specialization system gives people who have played longer better accuracy and damage than everyone else, then turn around and say in the next sentence that equality, and player skill, are hallmarks of Socom? What a damn joke.

  • madeup6

    I'm downloading now. I got into the MAG BETA and had a huge update I needed to get. My internet runs at 68kb/s so it took ALL night long. Meanwhile everyone was asking me how I got it while I was in bed. Looking forward to listening. I just barely finished your last episode last night.

  • pfeels

    You have to have a balance when you do an interview otherwise you piss off the person your interviewing, nice job …

  • jakelaw22

    good questions. but, you should have made him eat his words about weapons getting more damage. THIS IS NOT COD do not make it like cod we do not need/want a perk system please return to the roots of socom you damn canadians stop changing stuff

    other than that good job

  • jakelaw22

    where are they getting there customer info from? surely not the forums. they are crying out loud about the perking up system and why this game was left in the trash can for a year. and still no release date. what crap

  • s1l3ntsh4d0w89

    I'm sorry, I would like to apologize for the entirety of the Socom community Torgo. I understand you did your best. There are a few of us defending you, you are not he one to blame. I think it is mostly because Slant 6 has kept the community in the dark for so long, they wanted someone new to blame.

    I thought it was a great interview, some questions were already answered on the forums from one source or another, but the interview added more clarity to the situation at hand.

    Thank you for taking your time to talk to Mark about Socom.

  • Wow, thanks, seriously. I did what I could, but ultimately I can't “make” him answer the questions. Also, every question we used was submitted by the Socom community (except the one about wanting to be a lady…)

  • madeup6

    Wow the interview literally put me to sleep. Not that it was bad because I actually went back and listened to it when I woke up in the morning and found that me headphones were still in my hear, my music playing, and my screen on the verge of burning in 🙁

  • valdimar

    Whats the song called?

  • valdimar

    Oh sorry meant whats the spanish songs name?

  • jeffersonranch

    If this game is anything like CoD when 1.6 and the DLC comes out, then im just going to go and play CoD. Zipper really screwed up when they sold the Title to Slant/6 I can't believe they are messing our game up, this game does not belong to them! IT BELONGS TO THE SOCOM NATION THE LOYAL GAMERS THAT HAVE PLAYED THIS TITLE SINCE DAY 1

  • Unnoticed

    Torgo if you want to be great at socom hit me up Unnoticed- ive trained some serious monsters

  • ShadowOfaSolja

    This is what I dont get, If they won't allow UCRR's because they are afraid of players abusing the parameters. Why are they not smart enough to make UCRR's where the match parameters stay the same but you can create a customized playlist. IMO its a perfect compromise.

  • jefkoz

    You should ask Mark Rogers if any of the slant six team played socom 1- Combined assult, ask them why first person, jump and climb, left hand grenade throwing when leaning, leaning in prone, two quick selects we're removed and why did they change it from the weapon menu to a weapon wheel to the four box full screen view, why not the little menu like on previous socoms. Thanks

  • Anonymous

    please don’t add dumb perks like COD. you’re retarded if you do.

  • Anonymous

    Hey I see this is old from nov 24 so I don’t know if you guys even check comments from old posts but I just wanna input that socom confrontation absolutely killed me desire to play shooter games being that socom1 was the first shooter game i played and got addicted to instantly. confrontation is nothing like original socom gameplay and i’ve completely given up on the series because of this new community focuses on the wrong things. you guys asked a lot of the questions a lot of the idiots in the forums dwell on. ucrr’s are irrelevant. dlc and 1.6 are a complete joke. you actually don’t need all of that. the gameplay needs to be on point. if you ever speak to someone dealing with socom tell them to bring back the original gameplay.

  • rickman33

    I think the interview was great. You can't make him NOT side-step the questions. Even though no one will admit anyone effed up, they all know. As hard as they tried to be like Call of Duty, they found a lot of people make the move to Modern Warfare 2 and (temporarily) to the MAG beta. We don't want Call of Duty, we want SOCOM. And, for the time being, Confrontation is the closest thing to a SOCOM game available on a next-gen system. Please- no sprint button (that's why God created analog sticks); no perks; custom ranked rooms; no more halftime (and we have to have it at least let us switch weapons at halftime- why hasn't this been fixed?!?!?); more NEW maps (since it IS online only; no more regurgitated maps we've played a gazillion times in older SOCOM titles- okay, maybe one classic every once in a while); SOCOM was getting so close to being the perfect game and then someone decided to screw it all up and change up features and functionalities that worked well. To me, the sprint and aim buttons in COD is so convoluted. Aren't we already aiming with the right analog? If we want to be most accurate when we shoot we can just ease up on the left stick! I cannot believe we're going to pay for $15 for 2 new maps- I don't even really like the old maps they are releasing (Blizzard, Desert Glory, and Vigilance) and I've already played those maps a gazillion times. AND we had to wait almost 5 times longer for new maps than every shooter out there, in addition to waiting for the game to work properly and wait through all the fixes/patches. I mean, come on guys, you can buy the game used on eBay for $10! Seeing as I've stuck with the game this long (not much longer, though) I feel they should have given us the maps for $6 at the most. I mean, 14 months for new maps? Some developers are near to coming out with a new title in this timeframe!

  • boom_headshot

    thought the dlc was a worldwide thing mark roggers talks out of his ass

  • boom_headshot

    thought the dlc was a worldwide thing mark roggers talks out of his ass

  • Nice