Episode 63 – Distracting Prank Call


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Welcome to Geoff Chorney from the Interactive Distractions Podcast who swapped places with Mark this week. Find that show here

#Emails and Voicemail
#Prank Caller

#Final Review of Haze
#Further Impressions of Singstar PS3

#What We’re Playing

Europe to get limited edition Crisis Core PSP (the same as the JP one) – NeoGAF

Fallout 3 using HDD smartly — no upfront install – PS3 Fanboy

Beyond Good & Evil 2 revealed at Ubidays 2008 – Joystiq

Street Fighter IV is PS3 bound – PS3 Fanboy

#New on the PSN Stores:
- Japan- -Includes last week:

-Fatal Inertia EX – ¥3600
-Bomberman Party Edition (PS1) – ¥600
-Dig-a-Dig Pukka (PS1) – ¥600
-Lord Monarch (PS1) – ¥600
-Wizard’s Harmony 2 (PS1) – ¥600
-Fatal Inertia EX demo
-Valhalla Knights (PSP) demo

-Everybody’s Golf 5 – Costume Set 1 – ¥???

-Tears to Tiara

- Europe- European PSN updates for May 29th – PS3 Fanboy
- US- PlayStation.Blog » PlayStation Store Update

#New Releases:
God of War Bundled PSP
LEGO Indiana Jones
Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2

Incredible Hulk
Kung Fu Panda
LEGO Indiana Jones

Incredible Hulk
Metal Gear Bluetooth Headset
Kung Fu Panda
LEGO Indiana Jones
The Bourne Conspiracy

#Blu Ray New Releases:
Fearless Planet
The Poseiden Adventure
Weeds: Season 3
Weeds: Season 1-3
Final Days of Planet Earth
Meet the Spartans: Pit of Death Edition
The Recruit
The Sand Pebbles
Dirty Harry: Special Edition
Dirty Harry: Ultimate Collector’s Edition
Battle of Britain
A Bridge Too Far
The Eye
The Longest Day
Semi-Pro: Let’s Get Sweaty Edition
There Will Be Blood

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