Episode 44 – So Savory

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#Review: Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law

#What We’re Playing/Team Fremont Daryl’s Talk (http://teamfremont.com)

#Interview with Scott Campbell and David Jaffe from Eat Sleep Play

#Theme contest to win a Signed Copy of Twisted Metal:Head-On for the PS2

Crysis coming to PS3?

Resistance 2 Revealed

Bionic Commando Remake for PSN has emerged:

Gametrailers comparison videos biased??

PlayTV DVR Priced and Dated for the UK:

#New on the Store:
* Turok demo (free)
* FIFA Street 3 demo (free)
* Mesmerize: Trace PlayStation Eye “game” ($1.99)
* Tori Emaki PlayStation Eye “game” ($1.99)
* Blast Factor bundle ($12.99)
* Motorstorm “Double Track” add-on pack ($2.99)
* Rock Band downloadable content ($1.99 each)
o Sweet’s “Action” (cover)
o The Monkees’ “Last Train to Clarksville” (cover)
o Blink 182’s “All the Small Things”
* PixelJunk Monsters trailer (free)
* Syphon Filter: Combat Ops trailer (free)
* Lost Planet trailer (free)
* Brother In Arms: Hell’s Highway trailer (free)
* Dynasty Warriors 6 trailer (free)
* Borderlands trailer (free)

#New releases:
BURNOUT PARADISE!!!! (Buy a camera dammit)

#Blu Ray New Releases:
The Game Plan
Saw IV: Unrated Director’s Cut

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