Episode 23 – The Early Edition

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What we’ve been playing
Review: Bioshock (Why not? It’s recent, we’ve both been playing the **** out of it, it’s a slow week, and  it’s coming out on PS3 next year anyways).
*Paramount/dreamworks go HD-DVD exclusive
*Leipzig news:
-Sony’s Leipzig press conference: http://kotaku.com/gaming/gc07/liveblogging-the-sony-press-conference-292238.php
-New MGS4 trailer
-PS3 Becomes home to FIFA Interactive World Cup in 2008
-PS3 SDK 1.80 Adds many nice additions including custom soundtracks:
-Eye of Judgment Dated and Priced ($60 with the camera):
-PS3 DVR and PSP TV: http://kotaku.com/gaming/gc07/harrison-sheds-light-on-us-plans-ps3-dvr-and-psp-tv-292330.php
-Folklore demo up…and down.
- New game announcements:
New James Bond games in the works: http://kotaku.com/gaming/gc07/cod4-dated-ghii-international-tracks-and-james-bond-292310.php

-Call Of Duty 4: November 5th.

New releases:
August 28th: Warhawk
Possibility: 30th: Lair?
Blu-Ray: Nothing…Thanks Paramount. I would’ve bought Blades Of Glory too…

Blu-Ray review: Shooter

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